Good Morning!

For once I’ve actually been busy this morning. I had a parent-teacher conference t my youngest daughter’s school, then had to deliver a doctor’s excuse to my middle daughter’s school, then went to the grocery store, then went out to eat with Jo for her birthday.   SO I feel good about what I’ve accomplished today.  I’m still feeling awake and may go ahead and start on my assignments for this week for class.  I will have to see if there is anything else I need to do before I sit down and start on that.

I have another meeting tomorrow with the church people about helping write LifeGroup curriculum and will need to see how that goes.  I’m looking forward to it and hope it leads me down the path I’m looking toward to helping people.

I’ve got a week before I hear from some journals about publishing more of my work.  I hope I come out ahead with at least one of them.  Otherwise I’m really going to start questioning my strategy for sending things out.  But we will see.

I feel better at having won this victory over myself in staying out of the bed this morning.  Maybe I can do more of it as the days go along this week.  I’m ready to leave this depressive state and move on.  II need to be out of it before the holidays come on and send me to an anxious state. But I have plenty of Xanax on hand in case that happens. 🙂


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