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Wave the White Flag

Need to write out the pain and exhaustion in my heart Pain and grieving my parents’ dementias Pain and exhaustion caring for my son Must back off both Must take care of myself Must Must Must Must take care of…

Back in Louisville

And I miss my son. I am beyond thrilled that he has a job as an immigration lawyer, the setting is a bit Seinfeldesque! In fact, I told him to write down everything and turn it into a TV show, it definitely can be done, somethings that happen are quite outrageous…

But anyway, I miss him. His energy, his laughter, his passion, I miss him. Just the fate of mothers, you make them with your own body, you nurture them and raise them, and love them, and of course all the time you are doing that, they are becoming independent. And that is truly your aim, who wants a grown son too afraid to leave home, too afraid to fly? But when they are gone, it is heartbreaking. You worry for their safety, (there were break ins at his apartment complex the last few nights) you miss their bright, shining faces, you miss talking to them, hugging them. Is this the way it will always be?

I know my son’s childhood is over, he has joined the workforce as a young and competent lawyer and yes I am thrilled, but I am also sad. We will never live in the same house again as a family, I will only see him when I visit him.

I think it is time to start getting busy instead of wallowing in misery, especially when everything is going so well with my son!img_2195




Despite going on the weed while I go off my meds. I’m starting to feeling miserable again.

I have no motivation and my mom is going to be here in less than 2 weeks and I need to get the house in order. Ugh.

I wish that I felt better. I’m so afraid of going on a brand new pill. Blech.


Vincent Van Gogh – In His Own Words

For those of you who use the WordPress Reader, please let me know if you saw this post in your reader, or if you only saw it via email. I’ve been having technical problems. Thank you! *********************************************** As you may know, I have a passion for Van Gogh. I’ve posted this video a couple times now, but I never grow…

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SO I’ve met my tutoring student Lillie–she seems to be a very sweet young lady so far.  We’re doing diagnostic writing today. Had our wires crossed about meeting up this morning but finally got together about 9: 20 a.m.

My oldest is having mouth problems.  She went to her dentist yesterday and they said there was nothing wrong with her teeth so they are sending her to an oral surgeon Monday.  Thank goodness she already has that day off.

I’m doing pretty well so far.  I stayed in bed for a little while but never really slept so I could get to tutoring on time.

I found out I won’t be able to teach the SUnday School class I wanted because it’s co-ed.  They follow the principle in the Bible that older women should instruct younger women, so we talked about a class for people with mental disorders such as bipolar, depression, anxiety, etc.    We also talked about the possibility of using me to write curriculum for churchwide Bible study, and that sounds interesting as well.

So we will see what God has n store.