Chat Room: Feedback Wanted

Okay, so first off…mental status update: I actually stayed up until almost midnight last night. Because the melatonin was taking forever to kick in. Irritating laying there tossing and turning while scumbag brain churns and keeps you awake in spite of using every relaxation technique the counselors ever forcefed. Then when I started to drift off, it felt like falling down a black hole, so I’d jolt awake in terror. Yeah, rough night. Rougher morning inasmuch as I had a bitch of a time dragging my butt out of bed and getting my kid’s lunch ready, making sure she was clothed and delivered to school. This sudden onset of summer to fall transition and the cold is kicking my ass. But I am out of bed and doing fuck all cos well, I did my two days in the dish and I EARNED a lazy respite. Besides, it’s a school improvement day so the spawn will get out two hours earlier than usual. YAY.

Now…This is where I want, NEED, your input, anyone who reads this blog, sporadically or regularly. A few of us Volatile Femmes seem keen on the idea of a chat room for mental health support. And also to blow off steam, be it talking about movies or music or whatnot.

Be honest. TALK TO ME, my Morgueticians. Would anyone else be interested in a safe place to simply type and hang out even if we’re having a quiet time and say little?

I know chat rooms are so yesterday and everyone’s all obsessed with Fuckfacebook and Twitter and such BUT…Some of us have the attention span of gnats at times and other times, we are chatterbugs. Some of us can’t handle an open phone line or never ending text alerts due to noise sensitivity.

A safe space, a quiet space where we can’t even hear each other type…I find this appealing. It would NOT be standard issue “we’re not professionals but you can talk to us only about mental stuff” chat. It would be invite only (you’d submit your email addy for an invite and you can create a throwaway if you don’t want to use your real email) so we could control the trolls, so to speak. Word of mouth from all of us could increase interest and invites. We could have our own community, not just on wordpress, but in a safe space.

I’m no expert on starting these things. I’m an idea person. Occasionally my gnat attention span can follow through. I just know how useful chat was in the past for me during rough patches, or even manic patches or stable patches. I was even a moderator of one chat room for several years. (How I loved using my hammer to kick out the trolls!)

I want eclectic. I want empathy, kindness. I want humor when we have it.

I would also love to name the room in honor of our recently departed friend, Blahpolar. Her blog featured a “freshly depressed” graphic and I think that would be an AWESOME name for a chat room. In her honor, but also in honor of wordpress offering a way for us all to come together via blogs. It’s not promoting depression, but instead offering a tongue in cheek way of viewing this crap.

So…Show of hands. Or comments since I can’t see your hands. Would anyone else be interested in this sort of thing? Even if you just click like or peruse…FEEDBACK, PLEASE.

Because it’s not just for you as an individual. There are times you will encounter someone who pulls you  back from the brink.

Other times…YOU will pull someone else back from that bring. And let me tell you…THAT is an amazing feeling, helping someone who might otherwise have been lost to the symptoms of whatever mental ailment haunts them. It works both ways. It helps us, it helps others, and in doing so…we might even feel a release of a good brain chemicals without taking a single pill.

So what do you say, people? Repost this, share it, let me hear what the tribe thinks. This room would be all inclusive of all mental illnesses. No one excluded, not a coffee clatch of bipolar only.

Just…The tribe and new members to the tribe. Surviving. Together.

Now comment, yay, nay, fuck you Morgue…Or I’m gonna have to roast a pegacorn on a spit.

Do it to save the pegacorn, PLEASE. They are, after all, an endangered mythical species.

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