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It is an interesting and difficult and sad part of life when something happens to drive a wedge into a relationship. The wedge could be driven by a controversial conversation, maybe the usage (abuse) of a substance, disagreement about friends or even dating an enemy, bad habits, who knows. There are a million things that […]

Where Am I Going Now?

Originally written October 2015, a month before my mother had her stroke, before my life changed. Still settling into my new normal. How do I describe myself? How do I best describe my blog? What has my blog become? What direction…

Cancer Sucks. Bipolar Sucks. Life Sucks.

Ready. Set. Sail! Hi. I think I’m starting to get depressed. I’m stuck inside my apartment with all the windows shut and blinds closed while lying in bed. I think my last burst of mania finally ran out and now I’m coming down. It sucks because my husband is out of town on a business … More Cancer Sucks. Bipolar Sucks. Life Sucks.

6 Ways to feel Beautiful during a flare

Originally posted on Beauty Behind Illness:
So as we all know, flares are NOT beautiful nor fun! I refer to them as a bit like Paris Hilton (soz Paris!) So I have developed this handy guide to feeling beautiful, no…

Birthday Week

So on Thursday I turn 46.  Going out with friends Wednesday and Friday.  I’m looking forward to that.  Trying just to  stay awake today. It’s been difficult.

I’m still writing the small stories. I tried to make one come out somewhat happy but the longer the conversation went on between the two characters, the more south it went.  I finally realized what was going to happen when I realized there was no background noise of their five kids getting up out of bed.  It’s called  “Too Quiet”.

I’m feeling better in my mind.  I think I’m over my little spell from last week. I so want to stay well so I can enjoy the holiday  season. I am so hoping every thing can go well.

I think I’m gong to do my reading then then maybe go back to bed.  I am so tired.



Weekly Wrap-Up September 19, 2016

Mood Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! I can’t say it was a bad week, but like the week before, it was exhausting. Because of being so tired I nearly drowned from all the coffee I guzzled. Sure, it felt like being on crack, but I stayed awake. I got use to my hands shaking the way they did. Heavy on my mind…

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Decisions, Decisions Part One

Decisions that affect your life can be difficult at the best of times; however, when you throw in a chronic illness of any kind, making them can take on a whole different meaning. Decision No. One – Hubby and I have … Continue reading

I Feel Like A Horrible Person

My husband has a stressful job. In fact he had to go into work today but yet he still manages to be happy and sometimes it makes me want to claw his eyes out.. Not for long but a brief flash of what the fuck does he have to be so happy about pops into my head. Thus the reason I am a horrible person.

He’s a wonderful husband, kind and caring, occasionally romantic and always wanting to make me happy. So it makes me feel bad to want him to feel bad if even for a second. He deserves happiness more than most people I know.

I’m a bitch.