Rolling Along

wagonWell, we shall see what this week brings:


I went to the regular doctor to get my cholesterol med refilled. According to her scale I have lost 8 pounds in two weeks. I get officially weighed in tomorrow so we shall see. I have to stay on the diet firmly today.

My regular doctor is all over the Optifast diet. She says as I lose the weight, we will see my blood sugar and cholesterol just go down and down. She was really nice.

In the past, I have cried in her office due to my bipolar….and today I was nice and calm. I was very proud of myself. I think the CBT is helping.


Woke up in a good situation. Only a very light headache and no tummy troubles. I am fasting for a few hours till I get my blood drawn at the diet doctor. I also get weighed in. Will be interested to see how much weight I have lost. This has been a tough week on the diet trail.

Danny went to his new job orientation last night. At the last minute, he finds out he needs his social security CARD, not just the number. So we flipped our files upside down and came up with a color copy of it. They took this. Jeez! I don’t even know where my card is.

Today is his first day back to college. We are all on pins and needles to see how it goes.

I feel pretty good mentally today and I know it is because I feel decent physically. It’s hard to be enthused when you have a headache, diarrhea, a sick stomach, and are starving. I’m hoping that the attractive thing about this Optifast is that you lose weight fast.

Today’s plans are sort of basic: diet doctor, CBT doctor, and laundry. Tomorrow’s plans are even better: nothing! Well, I’ll probably come up with a few things.

Okay, official weigh in: 7.5 pounds in 2 weeks. As I write this in the afternoon, I am feeling much better physically.


Have my weekly support call with my friend in a few minutes. Woke up and it is really a good morning so far. No headache or tummy troubles.

My husband and I were talking yesterday about how my losing this weight could change my life. I think it is true. There are just so many positives to getting it off. I’m in a better place with it right now….food sort of looks good, but my stomach is too small to hold very much. I do eat a few pretzel nuggets here and there. They give me something to chew.

This Monday I am having lunch with my best friend from high school. The food will be a challenge. I think I might order half a sandwich and try to eat some of that. Maybe some turkey.

I need to get driving again. I was doing pretty well, but this last week since I have felt sick from the diet I have slacked off. I also have slacked off on exercise, so I know what I need to get done this week.

Danny had his first shift at work last night. No word yet on how it went. Thank god that kid is back in school.

I feel good mentally. Like I am in control and can handle most problems. The CBT has made a big difference for me. I might get down, but I can get right back up again fairly fast.

Today I am not doing much but a few errands. I plan to drive. I’ve got some quilting work to do. Hopefully, just a nice low-key day.

I am very proud of myself for sticking with this diet through the tough part. It’s easier as it goes. I pray the weight keeps coming off.

Re: above…I did drive all around on some errands. I want to keep driving with husband in the car and then next week start driving around on my own.


Cheated a bit on the diet. Ate a few mini-peppermint patties. But boy, they sure tasted good!

Got up and feel really good. Watching the Olympics. Looking forward to a really low-key day. Don’t think I will go anywhere…I have a few easy things to do around here.

Went to the department store and got my facial routine stuff. Men have it lucky. I got some exfoliating stuff, some cleanser, night and day moisturizer,  and a gentle weekly peel. There are all kinds of other things: eye and face serums, more peels, more expensive creams, you name it. But I have a good start and I can give it all a try as this was one of my goals for this year.

Moving along on the Christmas quilt. Will put a picture up soon. (I’m sure you men can’t wait!)

Was lazy today and did not take my walk. This is not good as I am feeling better physically. I need to get back to the exercise.

Hope to get to church tomorrow.


Got up and felt really good…no headache. Went to the early church service and then stopped to see my husband’s uncle in a nursing home. We had a nice visit, but I started starving and needed to get home. I rushed in the door and had my shake, a few pretzels, and a jello cup.

I am starting to get excited about losing some weight. This will be my third week weigh-in on Thursday. It’s sort of fun to see where I am. My first test comes up tomorrow as I am having lunch out. I am also a little nervous about my stomach eating real food. I just plan on taking it slow and not eating too much. But I am determined to get used to going out and not letting the diet dictate my social life.

I plan on cleaning out some drawers, etc. in my bathroom and getting a shower. That’s about today. I feel normal. Thank god.

Drove to church and the nursing home and back home. Doing better on driving.


Slept really well and had a breakfast of a shake and lemonade. Nervous about driving alone to have lunch with my friend.

Feeling very normal and good. Not high at all, just capable.

Ate a tiny brownie, probably going to hell. I need to really get serious and not cheat on this diet. As they say “I am only cheating myself.” We leave Saturday for a visit to some friends and I know the food is going to be a challenge. I just plan on taking my shakes and doing the best I can.

Note in the afternoon: Drove all alone to lunch with friend….did fine. Need to keep driving alone for another two weeks and then plan a short stint on the freeway with husband in the car. Also good news: Danny reports he likes his new job. Relief!


Still cheating mildly on diet…not excited to get weighed in on Thursday. Am going to talk to therapist about it today.

Daughter was rear ended this morning. No damage to her or the car. Very lucky.

Love you all…see you next week:)


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