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A in 20th Century Drama!

It won’t be official until tomorrow, but I’ve made high A’s on all four of my written papers and full credit for the various discussions we’ve had as a class, so I am anticipating keeping my 4.0 GPA.  My professor have very nice things to say about was  my final paper and that made me feel good.  It was “good enough” just as I hoped.

I  had a very interesting dream this morning.  If there’s one creative thing I’m not good at, it’s visual art. I can’t draw.  I dreamed I was hired to conduct a workshop for at-risk children instructing them in drawing to express themselves.  I was also commissioned to do a visual art piece as a permanent installation at the facility I was doing the workshop at.  Well, of course what I did during  the exercises was no good, and my art piece  was relly not good either.  But the director was so kind and encouraging, saying she knew what I was doing was not in my wheelhouse and that what I was doing could be improved with this or that change,  I took her advice a presented something if not beautiful then meaningful to the students and to me.  And the director loved it.

Usually a dream like that for me the outcome is always pejorative.  I’m going to fail the class, the exam, the paper, the test, whatever the challenge is.  I woke up this morning feeling peaceful in a way I haven’t in a long time.  I think the lesson is that I will always be good enough.  I think the director was speaking God’s message to me that whatever I do creatively is good enough and that I don’t need to worry.  And I need to move on to new projects if one project does not work out.  So we will see if I can keep that peaceful lesson.


Bipolar, Depression, Drinking, Drugging – Throwback

This weeks Throwback Thursday was originally posted January 30, 2014: When I first stumbled upon this recent study, I had to laugh. I mean, another study that links mental illness with substance abuse? Really? Was there a need to spend more time and money to discover what has been discovered again and again and again? […]

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I despair (again)

Remember, this is the idiocy and ignorance we’re all up against:


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Lives Matter…Even If Not Black

I read all kinds of news sources.  Lots and lots!  All news outlets have agendas, so if I’m going to get a really “fair and balanced” picture, I’d better see what the various sides are saying.

I came across this little nugget of uncomfortableness tonight, and thought I’d share it with you. 



Depression – Thinking Out Loud

I have been depressed in waves over the last week or so. I am not sure what triggered it or exactly when it started. I just know it is not something I was expecting. That isn’t to say that I … Continue reading