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My HuffPost Article: Abdul Sattar Edhi January 1, 1928 – July 8, 2016

A great man, a Pakistani humanitarian and great philanthropist.


A great man, a Pakistani humanitarian and philanthropist, Mr. Edhi passed away on July 8th. He had been suffering from kidney disease and had been unable to get a kidney transplant due to frail health.

He and his family had emigrated to Pakistan from Gujrat in 1947, the year Pakistan was created. Many Muslims migrated to Pakistan and many Hindus had gone to India after partition in 1947.

Mr. Edhi’s mother was paralyzed and suffered from mental health issues. When they could get no help or support for her from their new country’s government, Mr. Edhi turned to philanthropy. He opened his first clinic in 1951, in Karachi. “Social welfare was my vocation, I had to free it,” he says in his autobiography, ‘A Mirror To The Blind.’

He opened clinics, maternity wards, orphanages, morgues, shelters and homes for the elderly. He helped battered women, addicts, orphans, the destitute, the elderly, all those who had no help and could not help themselves. And he helped hundreds of thousands of people. He started his charitable foundation entirely from donations. And these donations were vast, his foundation is huge and has taken the place of the social services that should have been but were not provided by the state.

One of the most remarkable parts of his foundation are the 1,500 ambulances that arrive in a moment’s notice whenever they are needed!

Despite the large sums of money involved in the Edhi Foundation, Mr. Edhi lived very modestly, as an ascetic, in a room next to his charitable foundation housed only with a bed, hotplate and sink. He criticized the violence, corruption, and ineptitude in Pakistan. He gave no preferential treatment to Muslims when it came to the care of the needy, his foundation helped everyone equally.

He was a remarkable man, even after death he helped two more people who received his corneas. Tens of thousands attended his funeral in Karachi’s National Stadium. His foundation will go on, His kindness and willingness to help those who had nothing will go on.

Still Blah

It takes me forever to get out of bed once I wake up. It’s so warm and comforting. When I finally did wake up I asked hubby if he wanted to go for a walk. Then away we went for a walk around the neighborhood. I at least accomplished something today if nothing else happens I gotta keep this in perspective.

I’m considering giving up the weed again. It’s tough because it gets me through a lot of stress but it really is messing with my antidepressants and honestly which is more important at the moment.  I’m tired of being sad, I should be filled with joy about my grandchild.

Well off to find something to do hopefully.

Eventful Weeks

A couple of weeks ago I went off all my meds.  I’d been perfectly compliant since January 2nd, but I was planning to kill myself the next morning so I didn’t see much point in taking the medication anymore.  I missed them all for 6 days straight, until having to confess to Sadie.  I told […]

Reblog – Meet and Greet: 7/9/16

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“56 Today!”

June 30th was my 56th birthday and I decided to have a photo shoot done for it. I enlisted my friend  Sparrow Jesse Lane, who is an artist and an amazing photographer, his contact is artsbysparrow@gmail.com.

We went to the Yew Dell Botanical Gardens in Louisville KY. I’d taken a couple of dresses with me for the photo shoot, I put on the floral one and off we went. When I had conceived of this idea, I had thought of it as something empowering for all women of my age, that age, where you are neither overly young, nor have you really gotten old yet. You can still consider yourself youthful! Not too many aches and pains, hopefully not for a long time yet, seemingly not too many wrinkles, postmenopausal, so no more reproductive issues to worry about.

Is this, could it be, that this is the time of our lives? Our children are grown and hopefully either are or will soon be off our payroll. We look pretty good, feel pretty good, we have come into your own. We’re not afraid to speak our mind, we have become our own person.

For all that, I celebrate my 56th birthday. I celebrate that I am still young enough to enjoy myself, yet old enough to be my own woman. And I did it to have fun! And it was a lot of fun, we roamed around the botanical gardens, looking for vistas at which to shoot. It is a lovely environment, and for an hour, time was suspended, the only thing on our minds was taking a picture, hopefully a good one. I think we did, out of an idea came all these pictures, and I really love them and will have them forever, to reflect upon when I do get old. Ladies, and gentlemen as well, I highly recommend it!IMG_8189IMG_8193IMG_8206IMG_8208 - Version 2IMG_8218IMG_8234IMG_8234 - Version 2IMG_8235IMG_8237IMG_8241IMG_8267IMG_8269IMG_8270IMG_8279IMG_8303IMG_8304IMG_8305IMG_8332IMG_8333IMG_8340IMG_8341IMG_8341 - Version 2IMG_8342

A little Maleficent, thrown in just for fun!

The Albright Knox and Delaware Park, Buffalo, NY.


The Delaware Park Rose Garden, Buffalo, NY.

If there is one thing I totally and completely love, it is a flower! And roses are among my most favorite flowers. I also have taken thousands of pictures of flowers, and I did again today when I visited the Rose Garden in Delaware Park, an Olmstead park in Buffalo NY. Flowers are incredibly attractive to me, and it makes sense as tat is their purpose, to attract creatures that will pollinate them so the species can go on and survive. Perhaps in my past life, I was a butterfly!

IMG_3231IMG_3232IMG_3233IMG_3233 - Version 2IMG_3240IMG_3241IMG_3242IMG_3243IMG_3244IMG_3245IMG_3245 - Version 2IMG_3246IMG_3248

My Fur-Baby is Okay!

I just wanted to let all my caring readers know that Monkey’s  follow-up test for FIV (feline AIDS) was negative. So, the original test was a false positive. The second test, which has to be sent out to a lab, … Continue reading

Just Blah

I’m wandering around. Wandering trying to find something that will settle me down. Something that will occupy my mind. I’m just listening to music and smoking the green and that’s it. I need more in my life. Those 3 days where I had to be around people was hard but it made me realize just how lonely I was. Even keeping mostly to myself I felt less alone than I do now. None of my hobbies are appealing to me right now either. Even writing this blog is draining the hell out of me.