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I have thought of a topic I have never before talked about on this blog! Headaches! For most of my life, I have gotten headaches. Generally, they have always been confined to allergy season. As I have gotten older they have gotten more frequent and intense. But to be perfectly honest, they only started to […]

Cleaning Up

So today has been laundry all day.  Trying to get everyone’s clothes clean from a nine day trip is harder than it looks. Tiring and hard.

I finally finished  Ntozake Shange’s book for my class. I read it once in school for a Black Lit class I took then and did not for the life of me remember anything about it but the title.  I read it this time and understood more of it. So that is a help.  Now I have to read an article to go with it and write about it for my professor.  Wish me luck.

Bob made the comment that after another night’s sleep he might be finally rested up from his vacation.  I kind of feel that way, too.  Disney World might be fun, but it is not relaxing.  I am so tired.



The Golden Unicorn

Fond Memories When I started blogging back in 2008, I stumbled upon a humor blog titled “Crotchety Old Man Yells at Cars.” The blog’s owner, Joe, who referred to himself as Crotchety, gave me a good laugh every day. I was honored that he would read and comment on my blog as well. Missing You […]

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***Disclaimer For My Blog***

I’m really pissed off right now and I feel like I need to make myself clear because there are people that read my shit and are a little confused. So here are a few hard facts that I want you guys to swallow: First off, I trust my friend Furiosa. We’re very close and have… More ***Disclaimer For My Blog***

Feeding The Fire: Avoiding My Appetence

Ready. Set. Sail! Yes it’s late. I know. I can’t sleep. Don’t get me wrong. My body is exhausted but my mind is wide awake. Monday we had a 4th of July pool party at my place and I just completely wore myself out! That and I’m still a little drunk. I woke up to the… More Feeding The Fire: Avoiding My Appetence

The Man Behind All The Mischief

First of all, I want to extend my gratitude to Our Lived Experience for providing me with the opportunity to become a part of their awesome team of bloggers. They […]


img_5590Home, what is home? Coming back to Buffalo, I always feel I’m home. However, that feeling is getting less strong and anyway, this is not my home any longer. I live in Louisville now, so technically that is my home. But if home is where the heart is, then Buffalo is my home, still. I moved here when I was just shy of my 12th birthday in 1972, and lived here pretty continuously till November 2013, when I moved to Louisville. From NY to KY, believe me I prefer NY. I still have my NY license. I’ll be changing it soon to KY though, so I can vote in Kentucky this November. Terrified of these elections. Hope I don’t have to move to CA, as in Canada and make that my home. Yes it’s the running joke for everyone terrified of this upcoming election’s results. But I digress. This post is about home, the ephemeral, emotional, sometimes imaginary, always beloved construct that all of us are trying to find. And lucky, the ones who have found it and inhabit it! Where are those darn ruby slippers when you need them!?

In Amherst, NY

I am in Buffalo, actually Amherst, again. Staying with my mom’s best friend, a little weird, but it is so my son can get a restful night’s sleep in his own bed rather than giving me his bedroom and he sleeping on the couch. He is busy studying for the Bar exam, 8-10 hours a day! I came to bolster him with this huge amount of studying, as well as make him home cooked meals and help in any other way I can. This is an important time for my son and any help I can give him will be well worth it! Whenever I come here, it feels like I’m home. 😊 I know Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo, like the back of my hand. Our grocery store here, Wegmans, is one of the best in the country and it is my favorite! Also seeing my son’s kitty, Leo, the adorable, giant Maine Coon, is wonderful. His chirps and meows and his purring is so sweet. Of course he recognized me immediately, rubbed himself all over me, and of course immediately went to his food cupboard. Because, after all that’s what moms do, they feed you 😻 I’m staying for about 10 days, perhaps longer if my son needs me to. I’ll be seeing all my girlfriends and having lunches and dinners with them. But most of all, of course, I’ll be doing whatever my son needs me to do. Ah yes, a mother’s work is never done! And may it never be done as long as our darling children need us. 

Losing It – First My Mind, Now My Weight

I joined a new online group today, “Lose It!” I figured it had to be good because it starts with an “L” and ends with an “!”. It was suggested by the wonderful Dyane of “Birth of a New Brain“. … Continue reading

Siren Song

I have heard the siren song of alcohol and marijuana. Craved the quieting of my thoughts, the slowing down. Prescribed medications do help immensely, but I still understand and am wary of alcohol&#…

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