New Project

I decided to do a new project in case my bipolar mss doesn’t pan out–I’m typing in all my food columns from my Good Taste work into the computer and see if I can cobble a manuscript out of it.  So far I’m in April for my year-long look at columns I did over my time with the Rankin Ledger.  I should have about 50 total.  I’m just doing the columns instead of the features because they are so dated and only involved local people.  I am writing what it was like for me how to learn to cook.  I’m thinking about calling it “Teaching This Southern Girl How to Cook:  A Food Memoir”.A lot of my columns talked about me growing up and such so I think it may make a viable memoir project.  We will see.

I have a deadline to finish it before Disney since there is a contest I want to send it to that ends June 30.  So I am really working hard to get it all typed in.  Doing a lot of running this week with Switch Week for my youngest, and tutoring, and dance practice.   But it’s better than her sitting and watching TV all day.  So we are having fun with it so far.

Hope everyone is having a good week.  Happy reading!


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