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Fisher Wallace Stimulator for Treating Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia, as Well as Chronic Pain

Wow, if this really works, it may be the answer to so many of our prayers. I am definitely going to talk to my doctor about it and see if I can try it! Anxiety, depression, how wonderful would it be to alleviate those. I just hope that the Serotonin it helps your brain produce doesn’t push you into the manic phase. Lets see how people react to it, and also what my doctor and therapist have to say about it. But really, if this works, it would be so fantastic! Fingers crossed!


The Fisher Wallace Stimulator® is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of depression and anxiety. During each 20-minute treatment session (once or twice a day), the device stimulates the brain to produce serotonin and other neurochemicals required for healthy mood, without causing the side effects of medication. Patients may use the device with or without medication, but should not reduce their current medication without first speaking to their doctor.

How It Works

Treat Symptoms with Advanced Technology

Designed collaboratively by world-class engineers and doctors, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® uses patented waveforms to gently stimulate the brain to produce serotonin and other neurochemicals responsible for healthy mood and sleep. Unlike antidepressant medication that inhibits neuronal receptors from absorbing serotonin, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® enables the brain to produce serotonin naturally while improving the brain’s ability to regulate the limbic system. Proven in multiple published studies, the device is cleared by the FDA to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia, as well as chronic pain (such as fibromyalgia) when used on the body. Watch the video to learn how easy it is to use.

Find Out if You Qualify to Use the DeviceAnswer a few simple questions on purchase-authorization.com.
Obtain Medical Authorization (required)Go to purchase-authorization.com to obtain same-day authorization, or have your provider fax or email a prescription or completed authorization form to Fisher Wallace.
Buy a Device and Try It for 30 Days$100 Discount for Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran and First Responder Families.

Free 30-Day Trial – Just Pay for Shipping

Select during checkout and use PayPal Credit to buy a device – no payments are due for the first six months. You may return the device for a 100% refund within 30 days of receipt (excluding shipping).

Recent Media Coverage

Doctor & Patient Testimonials

Satisfied Patients
Prescribing Doctors

Read More

Patting Myself on the Back :-)


Yes, I am!

~ I started my blog, this bipolar1blog, less than two rears ago, on  August 3rd, 2014.

~ And it has been chosen as one of the best bipolar blogs by Healthline.com in 2015.

~ It has been chosen as one of the best bipolar blogs by Healthline.com in 2016.

~ After sending in one of my poems, I was invited to blog for HuffPost by Ariana Huffington herself! (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/samina-raza/) I have 13 posts on HuffPost now!

~ And now after Muffy Walker, the founder of International Bipolar Foundation (ibpf.org) asked me to blog for them, my first post appeared there today! All my posts on ibpf will be listed here: http://ibpf.org/tags/samina-raza

Oh, we lament, and cry, and feel anxious and hopeless because of our illnesses enough.

BUT today, I’m leaving that all behind and like my friend Dyane said, I’m simply going to soak it all in!smiley

I am very proud of myself, that what I created is good. I write with confidence, after all it is something with which I am very familiar. I never second guess myself here, on bipolar1blog. I am proud that the “world” even seems to appreciate what I am doing here! smiley

I have gotten a few comments to the effect of “I was having suicidal thoughts, but after reading what you wrote, I changed my mind” !!! Now that is ENORMOUS! That is the most gratifying thing ever, that you may actually have helped save someone’s life!

Also, I’ve had a few comments that said they absolutely loved my blog, one to the effect of “You have one of the best mental health blogs I’ve seen, period.” !! Pretty amazing, I am proud and humbled and happy that my blog is making a difference, and it is appreciated!

I’m just going to sit here for a while and just luxuriate, bask, glory in, delight in, revel in (yes I looked at thesaurus.comsmiley) and then I’m going to do my happy Snoopy dance snoopy

Thank you dear readers, for reading, commenting, and offering support and love when I needed it, and allowing me to do the same for you.

With Love and Peace,


Thrilled! My Bio and First Post on International Bipolar Foundation 😊


The Very Real Possibility of Happiness, Contentment, (almost) Joy, and Semi-Stability


I often wonder where the term “finding happiness” comes from.  I suppose, were I to do enough Googling, I would find my answer.  As for my life, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to “find” happiness, convinced it was behind this corner or within that person or perhaps covered up by old memories.

What I have found, quite recently, is that happiness is not mine (or anyone’s) to find.  Happiness is a thing that must be made, produced, created.  Happiness is a thing that you might have spent a lot of time looking for, but which was there all along, a byproduct of the doings of your life.

finding happiness quotes

Through making a WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) with the assistance of my peer mentor, I uncovered and wrote down long lists of things and circumstances and people and ideas that cause me joy.  By hanging onto those things, and working from the list every day (as in, actually completing and working on activities and subjects within the WRAP), I have managed to increase not only my feelings of happiness and contentment, but also have greatly improved my distress tolerance skills.  A few examples of items on my WRAP include making jewelry, a conversation with a special friend, to more concrete matters, such as getting at least eight hours of sleep and avoiding any sort of caffeine after 11:00 a.m.  Through the WRAP, I uncovered the circumstances that cause me to be most happy, most joyful.  They weren’t activities or people or things that I had to search for, but rather are more like daily practices that tend to give me positive stability.

hopeful mindset

I know there are people who might think I am premature in determining that I am having any sort of STABILITY in my life, but I must disagree.  The contents of life, at this moment, are quite topsy turvy, and I am handling them with relatively little drama, tears, complaints, or tantrums.

I am learning to take things as they come, and continue to work on sitting with uncomfortable emotions until another emotion can come through.  I have hope in my life, like I have never had before.  I know, for certain, that this can be attributed almost solely to learning how to turn my mind away from the negative and face forward toward people and situations and circumstances and activities that bring me joy.  The longer one can sit with a feeling of joy, the greater, and longer lasting, the feelings of contentment and happiness will be.

I have much to be grateful for, and have come a long way lately on being more appreciative and thankful in my day-to-day life.  I must say, (and really can’t say enough) happiness takes practice and work, just as it takes practice and work to STAY miserable.  Sure, it is easier to bring oneself down with negativity and maladaptive behaviors and resistance to change and willfulness, and obviously so much more difficult to turn away from the train-wrecks-in-life, but it can be done.

DBT helps me turn my attention and stay in the moment and surf my emotions, and I am thoroughly grateful I have it in my life.  Were I not practicing mindfulness and gratitude and using my skills and being effective, I would definitely be having a difficult time right now, with all of the drama swirling around my life.  Fortunately for me (and for LarBear and any other close friends and family), I have been able to really focus on DBT and really focus on doing what is most effective, or what works best to keep myself on both feet.

Letting things go, letting really anything go that is disturbing my peace…that is what DBT has taught, and teaches me over and over, every day.  It must be a conscious practice, to let things go, and it is incredibly difficult to describe to a suffering person HOW exactly to do it.  Maybe starting with the statement that it *is* quite possible, is a good first step.

held on

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The Effing F Factor

Okay. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and gas was a nickel a gallon…or in depression time, some point a few weeks back…Leslie did a four fun fact post and nominated me to do one too. So…I am gonna do some fucking fun fucking facts factoring in fucking…I really need those ADD meds,  cockweasel insurance company. Grrrr.


Four names people call you other than your name:

Nik, Morgue, Kwee, bitch

4 Jobs I’ve Held

waitress, assistant store manager, retail associate, bartender

4 Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once

Airheads, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Friday the 13th Part 6:Jason Lives, The Bone Collector

4 Books or Authors I’d Reccommend

The Outsiders has always been my favorite book so S.E. Hinton…Robin Cook…Patricia Cornwell…Laurell K Hamilton

4 Places Visited

Hollywood, CA, San Diego, CA, Baltimore, MD, Dayton, OH

4 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Right Now

Drinking a Mangorita (times a few), eating lasagna my sister cooked, smoking a REAL cigarette (free evapor’s ok, thank you coupon, but…real deal is better)…and…Um…WRITING MY DAMN VAMPIRE NOVEL.  Cripes, it’s been 9 years and I still can’t get the fucker done.

4 Foods I don’t Like

Only four? Wtf? I hate peppers, red, green, whatevs, they taste and smell like sweat and my body digests them like shards of glass. OUCH.

I don’t do Chinese food. Or Japanese. Or Thai. Or, well, anything more ethnic than a plate of nachos with a pitcher of Margeritas with Mrs. R.

Raspberries. The smell/taste/even candy of that ilk makes me gag.

Broccoli. Nope.

Four Fave Foods

Pizza (MEAT and SHROOMS!)



Beef Jerky

Four Shows I Watch?

That just depends on the season, now, doesn’t it. Mostly repeats during summer. My summer line up is Rizzoli and Isles, Containment, 19-2, and then a new one called American Gothic premiers this month. It might suck. IDK. During fall premiers…my dance card is full. Fuck off. I have too many shows to watch that are way more interesting than any mere mortal. (Too truthful? Meh.)

Four Things Looking Forward to This Year:

Being legally rid of the donor

Being legally rid of the death trap

new season of The Flash


Four things I am always saying…


Bloody hell.

What the fuck.



Most of the time I am as interesting as watching paint dry. But if you like to huff paint, I might be your ideal date.

I’m out. Fuck the fun facts. All I have here is a bucket of FUCKED UP.

I do wear it well.

New Project

I decided to do a new project in case my bipolar mss doesn’t pan out–I’m typing in all my food columns from my Good Taste work into the computer and see if I can cobble a manuscript out of it.  So far I’m in April for my year-long look at columns I did over my time with the Rankin Ledger.  I should have about 50 total.  I’m just doing the columns instead of the features because they are so dated and only involved local people.  I am writing what it was like for me how to learn to cook.  I’m thinking about calling it “Teaching This Southern Girl How to Cook:  A Food Memoir”.A lot of my columns talked about me growing up and such so I think it may make a viable memoir project.  We will see.

I have a deadline to finish it before Disney since there is a contest I want to send it to that ends June 30.  So I am really working hard to get it all typed in.  Doing a lot of running this week with Switch Week for my youngest, and tutoring, and dance practice.   But it’s better than her sitting and watching TV all day.  So we are having fun with it so far.

Hope everyone is having a good week.  Happy reading!


Make me Laugh

When I look back on my earliest posts 7 – 8 years ago I notice a couple of things. First, I notice how dramatically better my writing is today compared to back then. I guess writing for 8 years helps one to hone their craft. The second thing I noticed that bothers me more than […]

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How to Deal With Triggers :-)

pink rose

Dear Readers,

Ok, having been the “victim” of past emotions, I am trying to form a strategy and a way out of feeling triggered and feeling these intense yet inappropriate emotions. A strategy of coming back to my normal, calm and peaceful self. I thought I’d write it out so if this is happening to other people, they can be helped through my experience. Because one of the main purposes of writing this blog is not only to help myself, but also help others experiencing the same thing:-)

The first thing is to realize you’ve been triggered. At first I simply didn’t believe this was happening to me, and then I thought it wouldn’t happen to me anymore. Actually I hoped it would not, but… it has happened again… so now, well read on, please.

Then breathe, breathe, and breathe some more, because the feelings that are triggered are quite intense and unpleasant, you may feel like you have no control over the emotions of fear, dread, panic, etc. that are coming up. So breathe deeply and calm down.

Realize these emotions being unearthed due to a totally innocuous present event are really NOT due to that event, but due to past feelings from deep inside of you, so separate the past feelings from the present event.

Perhaps distance yourself till you calm down. That is, take a time out to calm yourself and regain composure, for as long as it takes.

The best thing is that now you know what’s going on so you can deal with it in a logical, unemotional way. “Whenever something negative happens to you, there is a deep lesson concealed within it.”~ Eckhart Tolle

It is quite surreal to think that this can happen to you, but realizing that it is happening and understanding these emotions are a way to heal from them.

Know that the past event that happened years and years ago is not happening anymore, you do not have to react the way you did years and years ago. You can take a totally different and more constructive path and react not at all or react in a constructive and understanding way.

Realize that whatever or whomever may have triggered you, they are not to blame. They (the people or events) are simply things that happen on a normal day and in a normal time. The reaction you are having is due totally to your past. No one is to blame here. However, these things are to be understood in order to be responded to in a normal, unemotional way.

Its awful the way this thing makes you feel, weak, stupid, like you are over reacting for no reason, like people will think you’re a freak. It feels like you’ve tripped and fallen over nothing at all. It’s not fair, but you have been through something that can be triggered, now the thing to do is to gain understanding of it so that your reactions are no longer a reflex or extreme and you feel you are in control of your emotions.

Talking to your therapist, if you have one, and hopefully you do have one, is a great thing to do. Your therapist who knows you well will be of the utmost help in dealing with these unwanted emotions and reactions.

Persistence, patience and understanding, all of these will help anyone get over this.

We can’t change the past and remove the incidents that caused us pain, but we can change how we continue to react to the past. We can react with understanding that yes our past affects us, but we can also decide not to over react by this simple recognition.

Showing love to our “Inner child” or, worded differently but essentially the same thing, as Pema Chödrön says: Showing love to our fear, and counseling, and breathing exercises and educating ourselves about triggers and how the brain works is a multi pronged approach that is sure to make things better for us.

With love and peace,




Just Made a Reddit Bipolar1Blog Page :-)

I just made a Bipolar1Blog Reddit account.:-) Hope it sends some traffic my way. Never had a Reddit account before, apparently it’s a site for hardcore internet users, I’m finding my way around it. It’s not as user friendly as WordPress, but here I am,  lets see if it adds numbers to my stats.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 1.08.24 AM

Stuff, Things, Whatever

Another glorious waste of day with kids running in and out, running off so every time I thought I was getting a respite, one of the fuckers popped up like a damned jack in the box. I have really started “free ranging” the parenting thing more since Spook finally learned to ride her bike without training wheels. As long as she stays on our street down by her two friends houses, I monitor her every 10 minutes or so. That gives her freedom and me space. Of course, the parents down that way can’t handle hearing all their fussing and yelling so inevitably they come back my way. If they had any manners, I probably wouldn’t be phased much. But the sheer rudeness, laziness, and lack of gratitude of each of these children boggles me mind. I don’t buy that I’ve gotten old. I am not some old fashioned relic expecting the girls to wear dresses and white gloves to high tea or some shit.  But ffs, don’t ask for food ten times after being told politely NO. Don’t bring your own food then leave the trash in my yard for me to pick up. Don’t drag out all the toys then bolt and make me kid clean them up every time.


I flipped my lid tonight when I went to mow the lawn during one of Spook’s “we’re all riding bikes down at Andrea’s” jaunts. I had to clean up an entire 30 gallon trash can full of wrappers, emptied water bottles, toys of hers they’d smashed, plates, bowls, things they’d hidden under her toy kitchen. I was furious. I have three trash cans right there and these lazy little brats can’t walk two steps to put trash where it belongs. No amount of preaching helps. I made Spook come home for the night, ran her friends off, and we cleaned the yard so I could finally mow it.

I was mortified to see the devil girls, in spite of me telling them NOT to dig in that spot, went ahead and dug up Abby and Arsenic’s grave and destroyed the markers and flowers there. And my kid just let them do it rather than come get me. She cares more what those little brats think than has respect for our beloved cats.  But,Morgue,she’s just a little kid.  Yeah. I was her age once, too, and I damn well wasn’t digging up my dead dog or letting anyone else do it because I KNEW BETTER. I wasn’t a damned sociopath like kids today are.

To her credit…she came home and helped clean up with minimal fuss. We had ice cream sundaes after  supper. I told her the next couple of days are gonna be friend free because if I don’t get a break, I am gonna lose my shit. I can just imagine what the neighbors think of me always hollering at the kids but..God, should anyone have to yell when you’ve told them NOT to dig up your dead pets? I get tired of being the bad guy when these people are raising semi feral children.

Other than the relief of my yard being picked up and mowed so the landlord/city won’t be bitching at me…I am feeling pretty fucking disgusted with life. Still no word from insurance on my ADD med. Had to spend money I didn’t have to spare to get the toilet fixed. (Yeah, yeah, make the landlord do it…He’s the fucker who let us sit three days with no furnace one winter so pardon me if I’d rather just do shit myself.)  My car insurance company bilked me for an extra thirty bucks I didn’t have, some sort of penalty for starting the policy on the Pontiac two months ago then switching to another car. IDK, car insurance is a big racket anyway, basing it on credit scores rather than whether you actually drive safely. I think we’re gonna have to hit the food bank (which I abhor doing) because all the unexpected expenses plus her being home for three meals every single day fucked with the way I had my food budget planned out. (Doesn’t help the brat is sneaking string cheese and lunch meat out the door for her little fiends.)

I have to remember to breathe. Life is hard. I got nothing on guys/gals overseas fighting the war. Or people with cancer. Or…

So easy to get sucked into the “my booboo is bigger than yours” game.

It all sucks. What sucks most for me is that the one thing I need to escape and be well…is the dysfunctional brain I can’t function without. Bad appendix? Yank it. Bad gallbladder? Yank it.  Brain sends wrong info? Sorry, you gotta keep it.

Anyway…For all my yappery I figured I should post pics of the Buick. I have named it Aubrey. A  nice non gender specific name. I don’t know why.

Buick0531162009-00backseatThe outside is rough but look at that interior! Gorgeous for a 1993 model!  Driving it just feels like…Me. Automotively speaking…I’m back in my own skin and soooo happy to be (even if dad still isn’t speaking to me nor is R who is pissed that I couldn’t afford to wait around for him to fix the Pontiac,whatever.)

SEE!!!! I love this car. I CAN say something positive!

Damn it, followers, get up off the floor, I didn’t mean to make anyone pass out!