Steampunk Weasels, Cosplay Badgers, & Recalcitrant Trees

Mr Phoebus: Doncaster Markets, 2016

Mr Phoebus: Doncaster Markets, 2016

Warnings for: Geekiness; ficticious mammals, & a particularly shirty pear tree

How do you plan to spend the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend: buying a sofa, mowing the lawn, watching the telly? Alternatively, you could go your own way.

Going one’s own way can be just as fraught as steering a more traditional course through life. The main difference is that the cul de sacs and dead ends are weirder, and may be more inclined to make us bump up against the more uncomfortable aspects of ourselves.

I spent part of yesterday at a Doncaster cosplay convention, with a badger, a dog, and several humans. The badger was dressed as the Fourth Doctor, whilst the hound was complimented on his “dog suit”. I then moved on to a back garden, where a professional tree whisperer tried to persuade a pear tree to scoot over a bit, so the garden’s owner could build a summer house.

The tree, however, was having none of it.

Glimpsing beauty: Chatsworth, 2015

Distant beauty: Chatsworth, 2015

The badger, dog, tree, whisperer, and all the other humans are fictional, as is the convention. So are the Steampunk weasel family who live in a small mansion in Lesser Bessecarr, and their distant cousins, the stoats, whose interests involve lager, and loutishness.

Saturday afternoon was spent with friends, in more than one sense of the word. As well as attending a writing day with some writer friends, I also spent time with some of the characters I first met whilst writing “Koi Carpe Diem: Five Tales of Paws, Claws and Mystery”.

Yesterday I spent time first in London, and then Donny,  with Sherlock Jones, his “bosom pal” Boswell the Badger, and the Hound of the Basingstokes.

The most famous address?

The most famous address?




Meanwhile, over in Danefield, I renewed my friendship with William “Bunty” Jennings. He now goes by the name of Bill, and has also changed his profession from accountancy, to tree whispering. I also popped round briefly to see the Least-Weasel family, who made their fortunate with an underground brass foundry, and whose collective passion involves tinkering with something they call “The Contraption”.

All the above characters, plus many more, are featured in “A Yorkshireman in Ohio”. The sequel to “Koi Carpe Diem”, “Yorkshireman” is due out next month.

Whether you go your own, weird way, or decide to buy that sofa, I wish you a pleasant Sunday, and a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

Steampunk Doncaster, 2015

Steampunk Doncaster, 2015

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