What is your problem?


I thought I’d try something a bit different this week: an audience participation blog entry.

What I’d like you to do is use the comment section to share the biggest problem going on in your life right now. Your comment can be very short or very long…whatever works. It can deal with mental health issues or just plain life.

If you read someone else’s problem and you have a suggestion or want to offer encouragement, please do.

Here we go:

My biggest problem right now is driving and/or riding in a car anxiety. This is preventing me from going to my support group because my husband has another meeting at this time. It also makes my social activities tough because I always need a ride. All of my friends have been very understanding but I feel like such a failure.

I already want to turn down offers to go places this summer because of my fear of riding. This would also affect my husband, which isn’t fair.

A couple of people have suggested CBT. I got a workbook but am not sure it will be a “cure”. Am at my wit’s end with this.


Okay, so that is my problem. What is yours?




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