I went to another specialist

Today I saw the urologist about the kidney stone, which, as it turns out, are on both sides. They probably have been there a while. I can remember having the same kind of pain last summer but I didn’t know what it was. He also said there were 3 healed spinal fractures that showed up that I didn’t even know about from the osteoporosis.

Being in pain and having additional health problems sort of contributes to my foul mood, though, and very much gives me mortality-related issues, especially with the bleeding profusely from places that aren’t ever supposed to bleed. The hydrocodone was also putting me in a very unpleasant state of mind, but at least it decreased the pain. The tramadol does nothing at all for the pain, which also sucks.

I guess I’m just sitting around now, waiting for the stones to pass, and they are probably too big to pass which means they’ll get stuck. If they get stuck, I’ll probably be in horrible pain and it will clog things up in there so I need emergency surgery, which also causes me some anxiety.

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