I Do Not Normally Like Cutesy Memes…..But,

This one struck a chord. I love cats. I love their sense of independence, I love the way they pretend to ignore you, I love that they can be amused for hours with a q-tip or a paper clip (at least my furry goofball can), and I love the way they nap unrepentently for hours. The other thing they do is purr. Purring is known to lower blood pressure, pulse rate, relieve anxiety (to a point), and generally, make people feel better for a time. Imagine how good you and everyone else could feel if they could find that inner purr? If the whole world could locate that elusive thing known as purring, perhaps people could find it in their hearts not to judge, not to blame, to be tolerant of difference, to celebrate that difference, to realize that diversity is what makes life interesting and worth living. Just imagine what we could accomplish if we found that magical spot inside ourselves that purrs.

Find Your Inner Purr

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