Other health-related stuff

I figure if I’ve been in a foul mood, it must have been at least partly due to the undiagnosed kidney stones I’ve apparently had for at 6 months. I told my doctor I was pissing blood numerous times, but they never found anything and no one but me seemed concerned. This past Sunday I went to the emergency room because I couldn’t deal with the pain anymore; it was making me vomit all the time and I couldn’t keep food or pills down. They did a CT scan and found a 5mm kidney stone. I don’t see the urologist for a few days, though. I’ve been feeling pretty nice and calm from all the pain meds since then, though, but that’ll only be for a few more days.

Other than that, I am very concerned about what all of this is going to cost and that is causing me a bit of anxiety. I thought I was going to cry in the ER. Not from the pain in my kidney, but from the worrying about money. I haven’t spent much on silly things lately, either. I bought a few records but nothing extraordinarily expensive.

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