Discontinued My Ass

I saw my psych again this week. She was confused as to why we’d booked so close together and though it a mistake at first, and then we pieced it together. To her, a change in Zoloft should take two weeks (which was the approximate gap between appointments), while to me it should be more like a month. Considering the depression hasn’t gone anywhere, I can say two weeks deeefinitely didn’t do anything (or the change in dose didn’t do anything). We re-emphasised that I should be on the extended release Seroquel, and that the worst of the depression started again after I got put on normal release. One of the doctors at our surgery told my husband that Seroquel XL had been pulled and that’s why I had to be changed to normal, but I called bollocks then and call bollocks now; the only ‘problem’ with it is it costs like, 90% more than ‘normal’ Seroquel. There’s also this insistence that normal release should be fine, especially if taken at the same time, that it should work fine over a 24 hour period… hah. No. Even in my currently borderline obese state, I still have a super-fast metabolism, and I would speculate that I get through the normal release quite quickly. We’ll see.

But yes, so like as said, discontinued my ass. We took the written prescription from Dr. K to the supermarket with us, where we had it in our hands in like, 10 minutes. Now, I was bemused that it was the first time I’d been handed a batch with an emphasis on the expiry date. That didn’t worry me too much, ’cause like… it’s not going to be the most common drug pharmacies are handing out. If it had been pulled you’d think that they would have said something there, yanno?

We’ll see how it goes. I’ll restart myself on it tomorrow, ’cause I refill my pill box for the night tonight after I take what’s in there. I figure I should have an answer before I see Dr. K in April. Yes, to my vast amazement, she said a month out, and it’s already been booked and fallen into my hot sweaty hands. The only downside is it’s the same time I’m supposed to have a friend visiting who I’ve not seen in years, but hopefully I can reschedule that. I don’t trust my luck in getting appointments in timely fashions enough to try to reschedule. I want this depression licked as soon as possible, yo.

Hope y’all are doing alright out there.


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