A short post summing up why I dislike Facebook

I have been reading up more on corticosteroids and mental illness, but I’m not going to post about that today. I’m going to make a short post which sums up why I am not making long posts on Facebook anymore.

When I spend 45+ minutes writing and thinking about a post, no one ever responds to it in any way. And then it disappears from everyone’s feed anyway.

When I spend 4.5 seconds reposting nonsense about people eating from fake asses in Japan, people respond to it right away.


And that’s why I won’t be spending any time on anything I post on Facebook from this point on. Not only do people not read or respond to it, but Facebook keeps most people from seeing any given post, anyway, so it’s a horrendous waste of my time to put any effort into posting there.

I’m not disrespecting the people on my friends list, I’m just pointing out that this is the type of interaction that Facebook encourages.

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