The Case of Linda Bishop as Recorded by Filmmaker Brian Arotti

I found this on a blog that I read regularly by a former Washington Post columnist named Pete Earley whose son suffers from Bipolar disorder. He is the author of Crazy: A Father’s Search Through America’s Mental Health Madness. He is also a vocal advocate for raising mental health awareness in this country.

This trailer is for a movie about a mentally ill woman named Linda Bishop. She had Bipolar disorder and struggled with psychosis and delusional thinking. She died of starvation in 2008 after living in an abandoned farmhouse and eating only apples from a nearby orchard and drinking melted snow. She was released in 2007 from a New Hampshire state hospital with no doctor’s appointments, no medication, and no follow-up treatment. The hospital did not even question whether the address she gave them was a valid address. She lived on the streets, in jail, and finally in the farmhouse. She kept a very detailed journal while at the farmhouse where she was waiting for the Advent. She was alone, not medicated, and psychotic. No person with mental health problems should ever go through this. She needed help, and the state hospital let her go after a year with no aftercare or medication. She received no help, and she died because of that lack of care. Please find the link to the trailer for the movie below. This woman did not have to die had the hospital simply given her follow-up instructions and medication to keep the psychosis at bay.

God Knows Where I Am

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