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Body Issues

I never really understood why we constantly talk about the impact that media images can have on a woman or young girl’s body image, but we never address it with men. I do understand that women are suffering from eating disorders at alarming rates and are much more likely to permanently damage their body or […]

Not Much to Report

Today has been slow.  I went to the grocery store without incident so that was good.  But I haven’t’ done anything else today except laundry.  And sleep. But it wasn’t’ good sleep this morning–people kept calling and waking me up.  I got a good response from my nonfiction teacher about my essay about our weekly reading, so I suppose that was a good thing.  No one else has attempted to assay the reading yet, just me.  I need to be working on my exercise, but I know what I’m going to do and it’s going to be somewhat depressing.  I think it will make a good essay, but still be depressing. And I don’t know what I can do about that.


How To Write A Blog Post People Will Want To Read

Ha, another joke title. I have NO idea how to write drivel to appeal to the mindless masses which is why my blog is so obscured and rarely liked or commented on. I am okay with this. I just like fucking with people who skim titles to determine if they want to read a post. Blogging how to’s seem to be popular with the sheeple cos ya know, everyone wants their fifteen minutes of “I got thirty likes on my post about why drying paint is so intellectually stimulating!”

Meanwhile those of us with actual writing talent and something of substance to say languish with hundreds of “followers” only ten of whom ever bother to interact. If I had ever in my life been popular this might hurt all two of my feelings. As an eternal outcast it’s just one more reason sheeple deserve a spork in the eye. THAT brings joy to all two of my feelings.

I woke up at 3:15 a.m. Tried but could not get to sleep. Round and round went scumbag brain. So I finally just got up, made some iced tea, fed the cats , brought the laptop to the living room since my bed has been commandeered by a six year bed hog and various cats. I watched Arrow. Packed my kid’s lunch. Signed off on her reading log for the month. I even ate some breakfast. Or more accurately, nuked one of those brown and serve breakie trays I got for a buck. I ate the sausage and tater tots, saved the pancakes for Spook. Then I took my breakfast of champions.

pillzySix pills for breakfast. Then another seven for evening. Thirteen pills a day, that’s hardcore. I don’t know how anyone could still be depressed, anxious, or have trouble sleeping with all these pills being shoveled. I guess I am special.

Last night was wasteland time. I just crashed into this depressed sleepy place but of course, scumbag brain wouldn’t shut up and get on board with the sleep thing. I tried so hard not to resort to Restoril but I failed and took a 30 as opposed to a 15. For all the good it did. Takes too long to kick in,  still wake up multiple times a night, and every morning I battle the sleep logged hangover. Blah.

On a positive note, I did pork chops and garlic mashed potatoes for supper last night with green beans and…my kid actually ate it and didn’t complain. This is like an eclipse.

Today I need to go back to the housework thing but I can’t vacuum til walmart.com delivers my bags next week. I am predicting an energy crash around nine, ten a.m that necessitates a nap. I hate taking naps, it makes me feel slothful. Why oh why cant I just sleep through the night???

Ya know, I was pondering why I crashed so hard last night but now it hits me…I did a bunch of dish time yesterday. I went to six different stores, stopped by mom’s, faced the spewage of the brightly colored shrieking mass exodus of kids getting out of school…That’s a lot of input for my brain. No wonder it took my ass down by seven thirty p.m.

And now that it is almost time to wake her and get her to school….sleepiness has arrived. The universe has a sadistic sense of humor.



A short introduction to the wonderful Charlotte Wessels

Hello! First of all, I want to say thank you for the opportunity to add to the great work that this website is doing. Okay now for an overview of […]

I’d forgotten how much I love science!

I am so thankful for reading “Scientists Move Closer to Understanding Schizophrenia’s Cause”


It reminded me how interesting this is to me and how much I love reading, writing about, and basically just “ingesting” all the science news. And this kind of systems biology, going all the way from the DNA sequence to a gene to a protein to a mechanism for an illness in the neurons and brain to the causation of an illness, amazing, absolutely amazing science! I am inspired! For writing my blog posts, perhaps Writing a PhD thesis (!) or even writing the book I’ve been thinking of writing forever!