What I Love about Writing a Blog…



I’ve been working on a book and have been writing a little each day. It’s going slow, but well.

Today, Wednesday, is blog day and I was thinking about some of the comparisons to writing a book.

With a blog, I feel free to do anything grammar and mechanics wise. I continually start sentences with prepositions. No one cares. My text can be set sideways. No one cares.

I can jump from topic to topic wildly. Since I am bipolar, people just think this is my illness. I don’t have to really have a theme running through my whole post.

With a book, you need quality presentation of the narrative. With a blog, you just need to write.

Books take time. So do blogs, but they can grow quite fast on their own. Marketing a book seems like a bore.

I am probably a much better blog than book writer, but we shall see.

I have a very specific goal with my book. I want to write it, get it edited properly after using my happy “beta” readers, and then get it in format. I want to self publish it and get on Amazon. Then I want to click on the thing and buy one and hold it in my hands. Maybe buy a few for friends and family, but who knows? That’s about it. I don’t need anyone else to buy it. Actually, I’d sort of prefer it if they didn’t. I don’t need more critics.

I have a couple of friends who have gone this route. One of my friends wrote a book based from a well known story. Sort of a prequel type of thing. There’s a good market for this story out there, so she’s had some good interest. Anyway, you know those reviews on Amazon? Well, she got some wild ones.

One reviewer left a two word review. I mean come on. You read an entire book, take the time to get to the review page and you can only write two words?

But (preposition) my favorite review was a lengthy one which basically outlined the entire plot and ending. Talk about a spoiler alert. What are people thinking? I hope if that reviewer ever writes a book, karma will come around.

Another friend of mine has a daughter who writes and self-publishes. She doesn’t have the work edited and doesn’t do anything recommended to get it out there. As far as I know it hasn’t done too well. Even her mother says she needs to do some rewrites. But I think her goal is just to write. She’s not preoccupied with what people think.

I had dinner last night with a friend whose book is at the publisher’s now. It is the story of her depression, through journals she has kept. She is very excited and is as cheery as I ever have seen her. I sure hope her book does well. She deserves it.

Did anyone notice anything different about this blog? I changed my header picture and my tagline.

I sort of fell in love with the header picture after I thought about my title for this blog. You might remember my tagline was “bipolar and recovery”. I now think that was a pretty brash statement. I don’t think I will ever recover from bipolar. If others do, that is great. As for me, nope.

But mental illness is definitely a journey. I think that tagline fits better.

I like my new header photo. It just looks like a journey. Anyway, I hope you all like the new look. When my blog friends have changed things around, I haven’t always liked it at first. Some blog headers are like old friends. But we’ll see how we do with this one.

So as for my week:

I still am dealing with driving and some other anxieties. I am suspecting Abilify is magnifying this. I will ask doc if I can go from 20mg to 15.

Anxiety sucks, BTW, if you’ve never experienced it. It’s like falling with no net.

My kids have some good things going. My older son interviews today for an entry level job with an insurance company. $17 an hour which is good money around here. We’ve practiced interview questions with him and I got his suit all ready to go. If he gets the job, he may move back home for a while. He is currently living 1 1/2 hours away. It’s only 25 minutes from our house. Nothing would make me happier than to have him home. But I know that is only a possibility. He has to get the job first.

My youngest son started at the four year university yesterday. (This is after two years at community college.) He reports that it is “doable”. I think he actually liked it. He only has to go three days a week to carry fifteen hours. Things have sure changed since I went to school.

I drove a few miles today to have breakfast with a friend. Friday night I am meeting a friend for sushi. I’m a little nervous (okay, a lot nervous) about driving at night. If I get too panicked, I’ll just have my husband drive me. Which is a total cop out, but hey, at least I’m not cancelling.

I went and saw the movie The Big Short. Excellent movie! Saturday we went to a meeting at church. We signed up to be on the missions team. I’ll keep you posted on that as we go. But I am well enough to start giving back.

I prepped a binder for my son to go to college. Yes, I know I spoil my kids.

My quilt is going well…just need to sew a few more strips and then sew the strips together. Then borders and off to the big machine quilter in Missouri.


Love to you all,




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