Pressing the Reset Button

A post-shift sky: January, 2016

The comparative clarity of a  post-shift sky: January, 2016

Warnings: Malcolm Tucker has entered the room … oh, & a sweary song about a dinosaur

The reset button is the neutron-flow polar opposite of the big red button which must never be pushed. It’s the one which, in my opinion, is pressed by sleep, and dreaming. The button which keeps us ticking over: which restores us to – in my case, comparative – sanity.

But sleep doesn’t always come easily: not to those with busy minds, or, as in my case, spocked up schedules thanks to working some day, and some night, shifts.

I am a social soul, but sometimes, I need my own space. Especially after a run of night shifts, or when everything gets too much, for whatever reason. In other words, when that button needs resetting.

Here’s a few things which help me reset:

  1. Listening to music via earphones. When I first drafted this, it was Monday 11 January, and we’re all saying hi to David Bowie.
  2. Writing, including but not only blogging.
  3. Mashing tea. Not just dipping a sad tea bag into any old cup, but making a proper Northern ceremony out of it, with a favourite teapot, spoon, mug, and leaves.

    Teapot selfie, Beverley: Sept 2015

    Teapot selfie, Beverley: Sept 2015

  4. Add some biscuits, or toast. If toast, then the toast rack is a must.
  5. I feel odd saying this, but here goes, and deep breath (no, not that Deep Breath): housework. Specifically, washing up, laundry, taking out the rubbish, and/or sorting out the recycling. But never dusting. Dusting is for people who iron.
  6. Sometimes, but by no means always, cooking. As I draft this, I’m eating home made sag paneer. Stinky food rules okay! (Unless you’re standing less than a foot away from me.)
  7. Nature, birds, bird food, feeding of. The local birds are in favour of this form of reset. Making myself a curry, not so much.

    A reasonably chuffed looking blackbird: Doncaster, June 2015

    A reasonably chuffed looking blackbird: Doncaster, June 2015

  8. Sorting through paperwork. An excellent button resetter, at times. Other times, I can’t be arsked.
  9. Not surprisingly, looking at clips of the Good Doctor and friends on YouTube.
  10. Or Malcolm Tucker, who has an uncanny resemblence to the Doctor.
  11. Or Frasier. Or Black Books.
  12. Reading, though mainly as a way of trying to get to sleep following night shift(s).
  13. Mindless conversation with cats, the rat, the birds, and/or myself.
  14. Looking stuff up on Wikipedia. Sad, I know.
  15. Or the Guardian.
  16. Or lurking on The Straight Dope. I haven’t joined, I’m far too tight for that.
  17. Writing lists. I generally find them several months later, with some items still undone.
A beautiful city: Durham, 2015

A beautiful city: Durham, 2015

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