A Good Week

SNOW CACTUS Winter Cholla

So I think I had a decent week. Not stellar…but decent. I am on the couch a lot less and when I am there I am usually writing or listening to a book. There’s not a lot of just lying immobile. Big improvement.

A friend of mine had a sister who died about a week ago. She was 64. I didn’t know her at all other than what I had heard through my friend. But when she was sick, this last couple of weeks, I could sure identify. She had severe mental illness. She would try to fly down stairwells, call the police to say someone had gotten shot, and was convinced her dead mother was still around. I’m not that bad, but I felt a lot of empathy for her. The doctors tried and tried but could not find the right meds. I’m not sure exactly what caused her death, other than kidney failure. She had several suicide attempts and frankly, I understand. Life must have been hell.

While she was in the hospital, my husband went to visit. I didn’t know her and hospitals upset me, so I stayed home. But I sent over my set of prayer beads for her. She was some sort of Orthodox religion and I am a Methodist so these were Protestant prayer beads. I was a little afraid her priest would throw them out. But you know what? She was buried with those in her hands. So it was okay to send them. I think it was the right thing to do.

So back to me:

I have been doing my devotionals regularly. I get up in the morning and instead of fretting, I have a little routine going. This keeps me busy till my husband gets up.

Last Wednesday we went and saw the movie “Concussion”. I liked it. I also have seen “Spotlight” recently. Two good movies if you’re the movie type.

I sewed and have been working on a quilt.

falling charms quilt

This is the first quilt I have done by myself. No class. It’s pretty simple, but a lot of sewing, of course. But I have made steady progress.

I need to improve my prayer life. I just can’t focus. I have been listening to audio books and doing pretty well with those.

Thursday I woke up at 5 and popped a Klonopin. Went back to sleep. I had been asked by a friend to meet with her and her daughter and granddaughter for lunch. The granddaughter (16) has bipolar. So I got dressed up so I didn’t look too mentally ill and met them at a restaurant.  I told them my story and they asked a lot of questions. It went well and I was flattered to be asked. My family went out for pizza to celebrate New Year’s Eve and I went with them. This is new. Prior to this I would have stayed home. I watched a bit of Ryan Seacrest and went to bed about nine. Meds.

New Year’s Day I watched the parade on TV. We started taking Christmas decorations down and I colored.

Saturday I was invited by my best friend to join a Facebook writer’s page. Lots of people on there and lots of information. That night we had a couple of people over to play “Pandemic Legacy”. It’s a board game. I lasted three hours but they all kept going. I sewed that day, showered, and overate.

Sunday I got up and decided at first to ditch church. Then I felt better and we went to the late service. I got a compliment on my new haircut. (This has happened a few times, so this must be a good style.) I sewed a little, made a menu and grocery list. I plan on getting back into cooking more from scratch for the family.

Monday I tried to work on my book. It just isn’t going anywhere and I think I have given up, at least temporarily. It’s a good story, but I have no idea how to end it. It’s about 48K words at this point. I want to incorporate some mental illness plot lines in there. Not sure. I lost a pound! I had to go to the Social Security office to deal with my mother’s last check. We waited two hours. Ick!

Yesterday I saw another movie “Carol”. If you like character driven movies, this is for you. It’s about a gay woman who is married and her trials. My friend took me to this movie and I got up beforehand and showered. I’m better on the showering and the hair.

So Wednesday is blog day and I am writing to you.

One of my blog friends told me they are running Blogging 101 in February. I need to take it to clean and spruce things up around here. WP has also made some changes I need to understand.

Love to you all and hope you are having a good week.



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