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Dy’s Deep Thoughts: Minivan Stick Family Bumper Stickers

  Happy 2016! Welcome to Dy’s Deep Thoughts Every month I plan on writing about my deep thoughts in the tradition of Saturday Night Live’s Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey. For a glimpse of the Handey thought process, which is about as deep as the edge of a piece of tissue paper, please watch this: … Continue reading Dy’s Deep Thoughts: Minivan Stick Family Bumper Stickers

How’s it Going So Far?

So far this new year I have run a load of laundry, de-decorated, and watched some football.  We’ re going to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens again this afternoon just because.  I feel pretty good after having slept late with Bob and just taking it easy this morning.

I don’t really make new year’s resolutions since having bipolar disorder. I used to resolve various things at New Year’s and my birthday. I would first list all my accomplishments in the past year, then list what I called “Ways to keep improving”. I often did follow through on them and kept up pretty well with improving myself every year.  Then came obsessions, extreme highs, and extreme lows.   It’s been difficult to pretend like I have any control over my destiny since then.

So far my only goal is to revise my memoir manuscript in my nonfiction workshop class I’m taking this semester.  I hope to make myself more thankful and giving this year. That’s really as far as I’ve gotten in the resolution gig.  I hope to send out more projects for publication.   I hope readership grows for the blog but I’m not sure how to accomplish that beyond doing what I’m doing.

Sorry to not sound more cheerful and hopeful. WE will see what the new year brings for me.   I hope it’s more success in my writing and more stability in my moods.  Hope your new year is as good as you can make it and  as blessed as God wants you to be.  Happy New Year, everyone!


So bored without school, and a psych med colouring book (in the works)

School has now changed my life a lot… I’m so bored on winter break. I had an excellent Christmas and was excited to give and get gifts. My parents and friends got my wonderful gifts and I’m so thankful and grateful to have them. They’re so thoughtful, and are worth their weight in gold. (I wonder how many rings I could make if the yarn I got was turned to gold!) I’m also glad my gifts were well liked.

I spent Christmas at my parents. We had a good time. So much food. My mom went nuts at Lindt this year and gave my roommate and I at least 5lbs worth. That’s a lotta chocolate, but I’m not complaining! I’m not doing anything tonight, its NYE.

Current meds: Haldol, 15mg. Clozepam 1.5mg + PRN. Artane, 5 mg (for haldol side effects, so far so good), lexapro, 20megs. Elavil, 50 mgs. Adderall, 60mgs. I also bought and am trying Hydrafanil which is a nootropic, a very strong one.

Here’s something I’ve been doing on winter break. I wrote out a list of psych meds, A-Z and here’s what I’ve made. I’m not anti-med, but I like to make fun of things, and threw in some jokes and stereotypes. Feel free to print and colour, but these are copyright to me. I can’t release a book because I could get sued by the brand-name companies. So I’ll have to think of different names (Depa-bloat? I suck at this…)