Hah, snagged you. Bet you thought “Oh yay, Sheri slipped; we get to read that she believes she was a badass armadillo in another life.”

Nope, sorry. I’m talking about my blog, which has been through many incarnations in the past few years. It started out quite eclectic, then there was The Wedding, then everybody got to watch Sheri crash and burn.

The most recent saw your intrepid writer wanting to give just the facts, ma’am.

An interesting phenomenon has made itself be known throughout…the majority of comments in all their forms (social media, comments, contact form, private messages) said in many ways, had to do with being grateful for having someone be honest about what it’s like in the trenches.

So I will stop my quest to be the foremost blog on mental health and domestic violence (like that would really happen), and just go back to being me, but still always willing to honestly answer questions, and research facts/fallacies.

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