Making Fun Of Meds – Art Therapy

I like to draw generalizations of medications, not necessarily things that have happened to me, but more of the fear mongering people tend to do online. These are in jest, and are work’s in progress, by me, done with Sharpie and watercolour markers (from Michael’s). I’m not the best artist, but hey, I have fun.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe first is about Ritalin mis-use and abuse. I’m sure everyones heard of people snorting Ritalin by now. Adderall, too. Not the smartest things to do with your psych meds! It’s basically speed, but used properly, these are less of an upper, and more of an evener-outer, if that makes sense. I take 40mg of Ritalin daily, and I don’t abuse it, I don’t have crazy side effects, and I sure as hell a not a zombie or some addict. But this is more inspired by those that are, the desperate, the ones getting off on a legal Rx. These people shouldn’t be prescribed psychostim’s, and it is a haunting truth. If you type in “Ritalin” in a Google images search, it brings up separate pages for “Snorting” and “Abuse”, which is fucked up.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext is a play on the “chemical straightjacket” so many people think we’re in. I’m not a zombie, I don’t drool, and I don’t sleep a lot, for starters. A lot of antipsychotics, especially the old ones, like Thorazine, are noted for being chemical straightjackets, so I decided to poke fun at it with this drawing, which I haven’t completed. Antipsychotics used properly should stop psychosis, stabilize moods (some of them are also mood stabilizers, such as seroquel, latuda, zyprexa, and so on) and make life better. I currently take Latuda, 120mg, and it gives me akathasia from hell… I see pdoc on Tuesday, but it helps. If I take the Latuda before bed, with my night meds (elavil and clonazepam) I fall asleep before the horrible akathasia kicks in… but a dose of Artane or something should stop that. I lovelovelove Latuda, otherwise. I have energy, my cognitive functioning is so much better, my moods are great.

flowerI’m currently enrolled in a welding course, almost 3 months into it, and am working on getting my Canadian Welding Bureau certification(s), a total of 4 tickets, by the time the course is done. The pic is a metal ‘flower’ I made out of bent metal pieces that were welded together, I need to take a pic of the final project, because its just “tacked” together in the pic. I made my welds nicer, and ground down some of the crap, and burns. I’m giving it to my mom. Welding is wicked fun, I’m doing CNC stuff, too, and will hopefully land an apprenticeship by Feb. I’ve also got a tattoo planned! More info later.

Quick update. I’m doing well, very busy. On Latuda, Ritalin, Klonopin, Elavil, and Lexapro. I’ll share my pharmacy horror story later.


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