Halloween on the Radio!

I'd love to say I baked these, but I'd be lying.

I’d love to say I baked these, but I’d be lying.

“… there ain’t no easy way out …” – from “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty

Are you familiar with “Feel the Fear, and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers? As a friend who is also a therapist once said, the title is the book. Another friend gave me a copy, years ago. I promptly put it on the highest shelf, and forgot it.

I’ve always been easily frightened – which is odd, for someone who loves Halloween.

This isn't what a scaredy cat looks like

This chap was no  scaredy cat

WordPress is questioning my spelling of “scaredy cat”. Clearly, WordPress did not grow in the States in the 1960s and 70s.

Back to Halloween, which this year falls on a Saturday. Which means that 31st October coincides with two of my favourite things: “Doctor Who”, and the monthly edition of “Book It!”, the programme about books and writing which I present for Sine FM, Doncaster’s community radio station.

I’m not sure how we’re going to handle distributing sweets to trick or treaters, whilst giving the Good Doctor the attention he deserves. Short of fire or flood, North Household Rules dictate that no one so much as sneezes, let alone answers the door, during a first broadcast of the Doctor (1).

If the Doctor's talkin', don't come knockin'

If the Doctor’s talkin’, don’t come knockin’

As for “Book It!”, that’s on from 10 while 11 am, so no worries around the radio show clashing with either trick or treaters, or the Good Doctor. I have, however, decided to “feel the fear and do it anyway”. Because, for what may be one time only, I’m broadcasting the show live.

Am I feeling it? Oh yes. What seemed like a good idea, months ago, about setting challenges for myself, and feelin’ that fear, well, with two days to go … Crikey bobs!

I’ve written before about my tendency to swear, usually for England, occasionally for America. This is of concern, with a live radio broadcast just over 48 hours ago. Fortunately, a friend has created a helpful flashcard (2) for me. I call it:

The Crikey Card!

The Crikey Card!

Apologies that it’s in pencil. My friend the dancing demon – a Halloween decoration purchased years ago from Wilkinsons – was unable to locate a Magic Marker (3). Which, come to think of it, would be much more seasonal.

Fancy listening to an eccentric Anglo-American go into a polite (crikey! let’s hope so) meltdown on Halloween morning between 10 and 11 am? Then tune into 102.6 FM if you’re local, or listen live on sinefm.com. I’d tune in, myself, but I’ll probably be too busy pushing faders up and down, remembering who my guests are (4), and trying not to panic.


The ghost of radios past

The ghost of radios present … too present!

(1) Apparently “Doctor Who” is on at 8:15 pm on Saturday (31 October), so let’s hope the neighbourhood kids get their trick-or-treating done early this year.
(2) Don’t know what a flashcard is? Guess it’s not just WordPress that didn’t grow up in 60s America.
(3) Yep, 60s America strikes again. Or 70s. Summat like that.
(4) Guests confirmed so far are horror author Nat Robinson; actor and author Angela Wren; book reviewer Sam Marsh, and Will Templeton and Rosie Jones, writer and illustrator of “The Wicci Woo Wem”


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