Check In and Hugs

First off, I wanted to say “thank you” to so many of you have been very supportive during my struggles. I have gotten lots of kind comments on here and also some very understanding e-mails. It all has made a big difference.

I’m still quilting and am taking a class making a crib or baby sized quilt. I’ve had two classes already and have six more. Here’s some weird news….I was at a sewing class a few weeks ago and a lady noticed my ancient machine. She told me she had four machines and might want to unload one. I thought I might get a good deal. This one is nice and modern, with 249 stitches, lots of different “feet” and the whole bit. So she brought it down from her cabin and we arranged to meet. I loved it. I asked her what she wanted and she said “nothing”. She told me she just wanted to pay it forward and for me to sew some charity stuff when I could. I was a bit shocked. So was my husband. But I took it and have been loving it. I have several charity projects in mind when I get through with my class.

My doctor just raised my Wellbutrin as I have had some black days. Thank god, I have not felt suicidal at all, just really down. But I am still off the couch. I have started a walking program….right now I am just up to 20-25 minutes. But the weather is getting nice here and I may be able to do some short hikes on level ground. I walk the dog and enjoy the outside. This is a big improvement.

Church is helping. I went today and so many people greet me by name there. It’s a nice place to go. I get emotional during the hymns, but so what? If I cry a little, no one cares.

I have to tell you this as it is shocking. I am on SSDI and also private disability. I’m on some drug coverage through Medicare. We have somehow wound up in the “doughnut hole” for drugs and my Abilify is $900 for three months! My husband says it is well worth it as Abilify has helped so much. The good news is in January we start over with the drug money, so it won’t be so high. Ack!

I like the holidays. I decorated for fall in September, now I have Halloween up, and will change to Thanksgiving next week. And I go all out inside for Christmas. It cheers me up. But the clutter can get on my nerves. A mixed thing.

Okay, so that is what I have right now. If any of you are still reading, here is a big hug.

Love to all,


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