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egyptian lotus flower

Lotus Flower ~ Symbol of the Mystic Law

President Ikeda on The Lotus Sutra (Nichiren Buddhism)

The Words of the Lotus Sutra are expressions that capture
the Rhythm of the great life force that is swirling and pulsing
at the very marrow of the universe...

The entire universe is playing a "wonderful sound."
The universe itself is a symphony of life, a choral sung by
all beings and phenomena ~ a serenade, a nocturne, a ballad,
an opera, a suite. The universe performs all wonderful sounds...

The earth shakes, flowers rain from the sky. It is a spectacular
drama of life. It is like an opera performed on the stage of the cosmos...

The foundation of this is the Mystic Law. It is Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.
Therefore, reciting the sutra is essentially a "wake up song" that causes
the sun to rise in our hearts as well as a nocturne, a "Moonlight Sonata," 
that illuminates our hearts with the light of the moon.

Reciting the Lotus Sutra is like reading a poem. Chanting
Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like singing a masterpiece.

Our daily practice is the most cultural of activities.

Buddhist Bell and Ringer
Buddhist Bell and Ringer

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