The Usual Life



I chose this title and image because it reminds me of life when I lived with Grandma. Yes, we washed sheets every week. (When I was very little, this was with a wringer washer!) Then we hung them out to dry. That was the usual life. Or at least the life of a child as I knew. Who knew what else went on in those days?

So I thought since nothing is going on bipolar wise, I’d tell you how my kids are doing. They’re all at a good crossroad and things seem calm…today, anyway.

Rachel is still teaching cross-categorical special ed. If you don’t know what that means, don’t feel bad. It’s a group of first graders with severe (I mean severe) behavioral problems. Most of them are bright enough, but have behaviors like flipping over tables, biting, cussing at the top of their voices, and just plain hauling off and hitting someone. This class is run by the school district and buses kids in from all around the district who qualify. These kids actually have to have a “safety” harness to ride the bus. If the kid is too “bad” to cut it in my daughter’s room, they have to go to a private special school. The district must pay for this so they do all they can to keep them in Rachel’s room. She has three aides and herself for 11 kids. (Ten boys and one girl…interesting, huh?)

Other than that Rachel is exhausted, she has a cold and a bad sore throat. (They thought it was strep but it isn’t.) She’s also looking around for someone to date, but can’t find the right guy. Some of her dating stories are pretty funny. But we always tell her not to rush it. After all, you have plenty of time to repent a hasty marriage.

David, my middle one, is my easiest and doing just fine. He moved about 40 minutes away because his best friend bought a house and they wanted to move in together. The friend’s girlfriend also moved in, but David doesn’t seem to care. David is over at least twice a week, so I still see him a lot. But as the other two live at home, it’s never enough. No girlfriend for him either but he does have a cat. At 24, I think he’s okay to be solo. David is graduating with a degree in Communications from the state university in December. Then he says he is ready to get a “real” job. I just hope he can find one.

Danny, the youngest just found out he is eligible to walk the graduation line at the community college he has been attending. The purpose of his attendance there was to get his lower level courses out of the way so he could go on the to university. (He’s planning on doing this in January). But the courses he’s taken have given him enough to graduate.

Now David hates the whole cap and gown thing but Danny was enthusiastic. I am excited too. A mom can’t see a kid walk across the stage too many times.

Danny also likes to make music on the computer, play board and video games, and hang out with his friends. He has a good life this semester. I think he’ll get a rude awakening at the university next year.

I have been living better due to OA. I am nicer to people, quick to apologize when needed, and more honest. I don’t think I was a “bad” person before, but working the 12 steps has definitely helped. It’s also had a good affect on my spiritual life. I study my devotionals with more enthusiasm and my prayer life is better. I keep a list of things that need to be prayed for and go over them every day.

My dachshund Sophie has decided she is going to be overweight and not walk it off. She went to the end of the driveway last night and sat down. My husband had to carry her back. I know how she feels.

I haven’t lost any weight but I haven’t gained any. And I’ve been eating like a horse. This morning I had a headache at 3 so I got up and had a bowl of cereal. It helped. I truly feel hungry a lot…not just like I sort of could eat but really hungry. I really think it is that Abilify.

My new quilt class starts next Wednesday. We’re making a crib sized quilt. HEY! I found out something neat. My quilting group makes charity quilts for ICU babies and hospice patients. That is something I could help with and contribute to society with. I still need to get better at quilting, but I’m not far off to be able to help.

ALSO BIG NEWS: I met this woman at a sewing class who has FOUR sewing machines. She is looking to get rid of one and wants to “pay it forward”. She paid $200 from some woman who upgraded her own machine. She’s looking to sell. This thing has all the bells and whistles. She’s going to get it from her cabin, loan it to me and see if I like sewing on it. If I do, then we’ll work out a price.

My husband and I are going down today to the attorney and fix up our will and trust. We last did it in 1999, so it is time. The kids are all grown up now, so we need to make some changes. And with all the driving around we did last summer, it’s sure possible we’d both be offed at once. A nice thought.

I think I am drifting away from my best friend. She doesn’t think so is my guess, but she’s got a lot going on. She is editing what I think is her first novel even though she’s written other things. But when I feel down, like I did the other day, I usually call someone else. This is so sad to me because I used to tell her everything and more. I know friends drift away. I know that. But I really thought we’d have one of those total life friendships. We have just been through so much together.

The good news is I do have other friends. And I think I told what one said the other day when I was down. “I am here for you. I want to listen. Do you need me to come over? How can I help?”

Those are pretty simple words but they make all the difference.

love to you all,


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