DBT Update (or so much for that idea)

group therapySome of you asked for an update about how the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) class was working out. Well, it’s not. Unfortunately, the facilitator doesn’t seem to understand how a DBT class is supposed to work, and I spent the majority of the two sessions thinking about how much money I had just wasted. She would start the group by saying “Today we’re going to learn XYZ skill,” then the next two hours would be taken up mostly by two participants discussing their problems with their spouses, their kids, their in-laws, their landlords, etc. My insurance is the only one that has the co-pay of $40 each meeting, and I’d prefer to spend that money on the workbooks and my regular therapist. After 12 weeks, I would have spent close to the same amount of money it would cost me to visit my daughter and grandsons. I also happen to know quite a few other things I on which I could be spending the money because that’s what I spent the majority of the time thinking about.

Throughout my adventures in mental illness I have attended several groups, both inpatient and outpatient, and have found them helpful. I’ve learned things such as the difference between voices inside one’s head and voices outside one’s head; and it’s always good to know that many people have the same difficulties. However, it is not helpful to leave a group more agitated than when starting, especially when the group is supposed to be teaching coping skills.

Facebook has a great Do-It-Yourself DBT Group, so in addition to working with my therapist I’ll try to participate there as well. I still feel the learning these skills will be very helpful, just not in this particular environment.

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