Quilt Finished! Road Trip Review….

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Well, here is the Recovery Quilt all finished. The hand sewing on the binding on the back did not take as long as I thought. I tried to make my hand stitches very even but they are certainly not perfect. And when I had to turn the corners with the hand sewing it got a little bumpy.

So what is next? A week from Thursday I am going to a class to make a Halloween table runner. It is super cute, but looks sort of complicated. But hey, I made the Recovery Quilt so I can give a table runner a try.

In October, I’m going to take a class to make a crib sized quilt. If it turns out, I think it will be nice to throw over my legs while I am resting on the couch.

I am suffering from a ton of anxiety. I just feel like there is something wrong or that I did something wrong and I am going to get into trouble. But I am living a pretty clean (not perfect, of course) life, and am not sure what is causing this. I wake up at 5:30 or so with a sense of dread. I am too tired to get up so I just lay there till about 7:30. Today the anxiety has stayed with me all day.

My husband says it is the Abilify and he could be right. I am going to talk to the doctor about it. My husband’s answer is to take some Klonopin. This is fine, except that it makes me sleepy and I don’t want to drive or do anything else.

I quit going to my bipolar support group. Honestly, I was getting too depressed. There was so much darkness in the group. Before, there were some positive people, but right now it is just gloom and doom. I think I am served better at this time by doing a quilting class or something else instead of the bipolar group. This doesn’t mean I will never go back, but….

I found a new sponsor for Overeater’s Anonymous. Her name is Sophie and she lives in my state but in a different city. She is very positive. I have mentioned the depression, but not the bipolar YET. (I will get to it.) As an aside, you know I was on this nine day trek to Lake Tahoe. In all of that time…eating out, etc. I only gained ONE pound! I was impressed with myself. It is harder than hell to eat at restaurants and fast food places. And this group had to try doughnuts, ice cream, and pie along the way.

So I wanted to do a little summary of my trip:IMG_0294

South Lake Tahoe

Day #1- Thursday

Woke up at 4 and could not sleep. Flipped around and considered a Klonopin. Took one and promptly sacked out. Woke up at 9, took a shower (yay!), and finished packing. Had a lot of stuff. Was worried car we were riding in wouldn’t hold everything. But it did. Left at one. Co-rider very talkative at first, then settled into Sudoku. I listened to music. Arrived at our first night’s destination and settled into hotel. All good so far.

Day #2-Friday

Most of this road was a two lane freeway. I got incredibly nervous about passing big trucks and travel trailers on this road. My feet started sweating. Was so panicked I took THREE Klonopin. Made it to Reno and stopped at Trader Joe’s for food. Made it to our final destination in Truckee, CA. Beautiful home to stay at.

Day #3-Saturday

Took a nap. Hung around the house and watched a movie. Should have gone on a hike for the exercise.

Day #4- Sunday

Drove to Sacramento and stopped at two wineries. Our traveling partners bought FORTY bottles of wine. I bought two. Saw a woman with a quilt stand. She hand quilted everything. Had a gorgeous quilt for $250. Began to wonder if quilting is worth the time, materials, and effort when you can just buy one. Got exhausted and checked into hotel. Companions went to see the Capitol. I napped. They got me up and took me to a special ice cream store which had the best ice cream in Sacramento. It was pretty good. I had peppermint!

Day #5- Monday (Labor Day)

Went for the best doughnuts in Sacramento. (These people had a sweet tooth.) Ate two and loved them. Went to the Crocker Museum of Art. Well worth the trip…was stunning! Then headed to the railroad museum. Not my cup of tea. Husband was enthralled. It was hotter than hell and pretty crowded. (Labor Day). Had to park very far away and actually walk across a large bridge to get where we were going. Also had to crawl through a hole in the fence out of parking area. Was worried I was too fat to squeeze through but I did. The waitng around really tired me out. Sat down and waited for the others. Called a friend for entertainment. DO NOT GO TO SACRAMENTO ON LABOR DAY!

Day #6- Tuesday

Drove to Lake Tahoe and did a luncheon cruise to Emerald Bay. Loved it…weather was perfect. On another note: companions and husband played trivia all the way anywhere in the car. I seemed to have brain fog. I did not care to answer questions and got bored. I was just sort of blah and out of it. Got a little depressed. I have wanted to go on a European river cruise and I saw that slipping away. I just don’t have the energy. Went to a historic home and drove back to house. Got in hot tub.

Day #7 Wednesday

Did nothing but lay around. Saw a movie, napped, just hung out.

Day #8 Thursday

Packed 40 wine bottles and luggage. Back on that two lane freeway. Not as much traffic this day and not as much passing. Made it with two Klonopin. Stayed at a nice hotel on the midpoint home. They upgraded us to a king suite. Very fancy.

Day #9- Home.

Took me two days to sleep it off.

love to you all, lily

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