Quench My Thirst, Please!

Quench My Thirst, Please!What to do about dry mouth

I have so many side effects against my having dry mouth. My medications is the main reason but, so can my diabetes. Dry mouth is known as xerostomia and I can’t seem to stimulate the production of my saliva no matter what I do. My mouth can become so dry that I have developed sore cracks in the corners of my mouth. Other symptoms like dry tongue, dry throat, and fissures on my tongue are just some of the discomforts.  I can even become hoarse or unable to form my words because of how dry I’ve become.  

I don’t suffer from cervical nerve damage or an autoimmune syndrome. Every healthcare professional has no solution for me except to use lozenges and drink fluids. Apparently my age has some type of correlation to the my aliment. That’s nothing that I haven’t tried already. I do use a mouth wash for dry mouth after brushing my teeth and that does seem to have a short term effect of my symptoms.
Good dental hygiene also gives some relief. 

That’s about all I can do. I hope that when some of my illnesses recover, such as diabetes and hypertention, I am able to relieve some of this discomfort. It is a frustrating discomfort but one I am willing to endure rather than stopping my psych meds.

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