Recovery and The Quilt

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Well, here it is! It is still a work in progress. Currently the quilt is pinned to the batting and the backing and I have started actually quilting the thing.

I’m a little nervous about getting the damn thing quilted all the way. It’s a LOT of sewing and I don’t have total faith in my machine. The repair place says it is working fine but I am not sure.

I was jealous the other day at my sewing class. These other ladies had these machines that literally ZIPPED the material through their machines. You barely heard any noise. Mine definitely has a “chug” sound to it. But I have to remember theirs were probably $600 and up, and mine was probably $100. My husband has offered a new machine for Christmas and I’ll be thrilled with that.

Notice on the pic above you get a bonus shot of one of my cats. Her name is Hayley. Hayley was my mother’s cat, and you may remember my mother is now in hospice. So poor Hayley was sort of a donation. She is a sweet cat but has long hair which gets matted. We have to have her groomed once in a while. I’ve never had a cat groomed. The groomer assures me Hayley is a good kitty. But honest to god, can you imagine grooming a cat?

I had a weak day yesterday. Today is a little better. I had a migraine yesterday…took my migraine meds…and probably slept the day away. I also went way off my food plan. Bad girl! Today I have stuck on the food correctly. I am staying home today and getting some things done. I’m just too tired to get a shower and go out. And it’s so hot.

We had company for a few days…my best friend and her husband. I enjoyed them but got awfully tired. Just running around and planning meals gets me tired. It’s like I can do one day and then need a day of rest. But I think the visit was a success.

I had to give up my sponsor for Overeater’s Anonymous. She kept calling me “selfish” because I needed rest. She didn’t understand bipolar or depression or meds at all. Of course, she was doing this for free so I can’t complain. But I wrote her a very nice farewell note. I now have to find a new sponsor. I did meet a girl in OA who has bipolar. She is SO understanding but she’s too new to the program to be a sponsor. I’ve been only doing phone OA meetings, but now I am going to a “live” meeting on Monday. I’m a little nervous, but I figure I have been to enough support groups to survive.

My husband and I and another couple are going to Lake Tahoe next week. It’s a multi-day drive so I am prepared to be a little bored. But when we get there we are staying at our rich neighbor’s house. We’re going to Sacramento to see some museums, etc. Then some winery visits. I’m hoping to take a dinner cruise on the lake. I’ll take some time off  from the blog, but will tell you guys all about the trip when I get back.

My youngest, Danny, started school this week. You might remember he is at the community college and hopefully will transfer to the university next semester. He is taking “filler” classes just because he needs the hours. Check out these tough classes: intro to photography, sound design, graphic design, creative writing, electronic music. (He already does all this sound stuff at home so he knows the drill.) He got in an argument with his dad over the camera for photography class. He wanted a $400 model and my husband was more interested in the $200 model. It’s our fault, but this kid has little sense of money.

Speaking of money, my husband put a moratorium on spending until we catch up after paying tuition for the two boys. I’m so glad this was the last semester for my older son, David. But I hate being on restricted spending. Ugh. Not that I normally spend a million dollars, but it’s a pain. My husband is paying cash for everything and no credit cards. So my quilting supplies are limited. But that’s okay. He says we’ve got about two months of this and should come off of it by Christmas. Just in time for that sewing machine!

As you can tell, I am feeling pretty good. I had a depressed day yesterday with the migraine and today is a tired, weak sort of day. Tomorrow my husband is out of town, so I am planning on spending all day on the recovery quilt. I am proud of myself though. Even though I got up late and felt tired today, I am getting all of my stuff done I had set out to do.

Tomorrow I am having breakfast with the bipolar girl that I mentor. She’s manic and she sure has some good stories. Ah, to be young.

So to finish today I need to get a shower, cook dinner, listen in on an OA meeting, call some OA friends (this is called doing service), read my devotionals, scrub the sink, and write my nightly report to my OA friend. That sounds like a lot but it goes fast.

Hugs to you all,


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