Quilt Back On!

sewing machine 2

Good news! The sewing machine is fixed and is working like a charm! I was able to finish the quilt blocks yesterday in plenty of time for my class tonight. That was a close one.

I’m not sure what was wrong with the thing…other than it needed to be serviced. I guess you can’t pull any machine out after 20 years and expect good results.

Tonight I think we put the side panels on. The batting and backing must come next week. I can’t believe I will have made a whole quilt, even though it is tiny.

I have some new projects for when I finish. I am going to make a Halloween table runner. I am also going to take the second beginner class and learn more. And I’m making both fall and Christmas envelope pillow covers to spruce up my living room for the seasons.

Enough about quilting. The men reading this have already run away.

Did I ever tell you how things fall out of my mouth?

My friend Sarah asked me to go with her to have lunch at a new restaurant she is working at. It was “friends and family” day so we got a free meal. Sarah also invited her friend Maria whom I had not met. So we all sit down. This Maria is very nice and fun. I could see being friends with her easily.

My friend Sarah announces that she has been feeling depressed and that her doctor has put her on an anti-depressant. So guess what comes out of my mouth?

“Sarah, you will be fine. One med will not cause that many side effects. After all, I take six.” I turn and address Maria. “The reason I know so much about this is because I am bipolar and suffer all kinds of mental symptoms.  I got so sick I am now out of work on disability.”

Well, I could have slapped myself. Maria seemed to take all of this in stride. But I was so embarrassed. I mean….I don’t mind telling people about my illness, but only after I know them for a while. I NEVER tell a virtual stranger. And IF I had been friend shopping, all of this news would certainly turn people off. I mean gee!

I hope my friend Sarah was not too embarrassed by my running mouth. She drove me home and chatted all the way and didn’t mention anything about it.

So I am hanging my head today.

On the weight front I have lost 16 pounds. This Overeater’s Anonymous is really getting me to think about what and how much I am putting in my mouth. One thing I love about this group…it is free, so if it doesn’t work for you, you aren’t out any money.

We went to the mountains to our friends’ cabin for an overnight visit. I was panicked about eating too much and not having access to “diet” food. Of course, the first thing I see on the counter when we get there is a huge peach pie. I LOVE pie and cake. (My favorite two food groups.) But you know what? I didn’t have any of that pie. And I took very small portions of the food that was offered. I took a little of everything and praised it so the hostess didn’t feel bad.

I think the reason I had success was my thinking about the future. Would I rather wear smaller clothes or eat that pie? Would I rather be in the family pictures or eat that pie? Now some days the answer would be the pie but that is okay. I was able to avoid the sugar for a time. And I hope that time gets longer as I go.

I have bipolar group this afternoon. You might remember (if you have been a reader long) that we had a guy commit suicide in our group. I am now worried about another one. This guy is in the hospital and just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. He’s been in about three weeks and they usually kick you out here at about four. I worry about him going home and having to cope alone.

Another friend I made in that group is too depressed to go anywhere. I keep inviting her to coffee or back to the group, but she can’t make it out of the house. I know how she feels so I try to make her feel okay about cancelling.

Anyway, I wouldn’t give up my girlfriend, but the whole bipolar group can get depressing when you feel pretty decent. But that is super selfish. These people were there for me. They followed along with my whole boring, sad depression. The least I can do is go and be supportive. It’s not like I have a ton of other things to do anyway.

Did I tell you about my friend Gaill? I met her at a religious retreat I went to about a year ago. She lives an hour away so I don’t see her much. But we got together for lunch. I told her I was looking to fill my life and somehow be of service to others.

She said something interesting. She said God had been “speaking through her” a lot lately. She said God was telling her that something would come along and I would help an immense amount of people. She said it is likely something I know nothing about now. She was really serious. So I am sort of waiting to see what will happen.

My best friend and her husband are coming to stay with us for a few days on Thursday. Now I love my best friend and her husband. They are both on the top of my list for wonderful people. And we all get along really well.

But company is still hard. You have to clean up the house a little more than normal. You have to plan meals. (We all can’t afford to go out for every meal.) You have to some idea of things to do. After all, they are driving 6-7 hours to get here. I can’t say. “Hi guys…I am pretty tired, why don’t we all go lay down for a few hours?”

This is where I hate my meds and how tired they make me. But it beats banging my head against concrete.

Well, that is the news…hope your life is more fascinating than mine.

love, lily

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