Fired Up and Needing Relief

I’m currently in a situation that rightfully has my goat. I can feel my heart racing, unable to concentrate,
irritable, stressed, and exhaustedly down. I resorted to finding a solution that can help me cool my jets.I could provide the words by doctors Hanson and Mendius regarding the pathophysiological events of the sympathetic nervous system – the parasympathetic response for calming but, that’s science and I want to concentrate on my mental capacity to release the strain and find peace when my current situation does not allow for relief.  
My recurrent situation that has occurred for years now has produced a chronic stress within. I am aware that this has taken such a toll on my wellbeing, even my health. Yet, there won’t be any relief as long as the infliction by its perpetrator continues on. This redundant hurt that has shown no signs of relief feels like a ton of weight that lies heavy within my heart.

How must I find the release within that may allow me to sustain my well-being? I know the common methods of relief such as meditation, journaling, and so on. My tunnel vision won’t allow me to unlock my obsessive lack of concentration.There is a part of me that refuses to release my burden in hopes that I may find a solution to this matter. I’m much too fired up within to even try and talk about it with my support team. Its been dreadful for me to travel down this relentless road of loneliness.

Usually, I share the helpful interventions that work for me but I have none. I have no outcome to speak of. Right now, in this moment, I have none.

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