Quiltus Interruptus

broekn sewing machine

Bad news! The quilting is on hiatus. I had three seams to go on my weekly homework when my sewing machine froze up. Ack!

Now I paid about $100 for this machine back around 1986. I used it here and there for a few years and then it took up permanent residence in the back of my closet. So getting it fixed and serviced…well, how much do you really want to spend on an old (but not antique) sewing machine?

We debated the merits of the whole thing with several sewing friends and the consensus was that if I like using this machine we should probably try to get it fixed. There are inexpensive machines out there, but we were told they have plastic parts inside and are impossible to repair. There are good machines, but I don’t want to invest in anything fancy. That would just put pressure on me to do my quilting. I don’t want it to be a pressure thing.

So the machine is in the shop. The guy is supposed to look at it tomorrow. Hopefully he can fix it for a reasonable amount. Hopefully he can fix it fast. Then I can get my three seams done and be ready for my Tuesday night quilting lesson.

Good news! We are leaving tomorrow morning to go visit some friends up in the mountains. I think I’ve mentioned them…they have the nice cabin. We’re only staying overnight. It’s hot here so any relief from the weather is great.

We are going on a trip to Lake Tahoe with these people in a few weeks and we need to plan it. Whose car are we going to take, what are we going to see, how much stuff to take….we’ve got to figure all of that out. But these are easy traveling companions and I’m sure it won’t be too bad.

On the recovery template front, I am having a decent month.

I added “scrubbing the sink” on my template. I now scrub the kitchen sink once during the day. My son is supposed to do all of the dishes, but he won’t clean the sink. So I’ve picked that up. It’s amazing what just a shiny sink can do for your house.

I’ve tried to be more affectionate to my husband. It’s tough. I usually wind up giving him a sincere thanks for something he has done that day. He is driving me nutty as we are around the house a lot. Lots of togetherness. Which is good until you’re in the midst of it.

I’ve lost 14 pounds! I still have slips here and there but the compulsive eating is pretty much gone. I am really proud of this when you look at the meds and how they make you hungry. I’ve got a ways to go on weight loss, but at least I have a start. Even though I have lost this weight I have not stayed very well on my food plan. Only 4 days out of 14. Really not good.

I’ve been doing my blog reading and commenting on a faithful basis. Cutting it down to five blogs a day was the right thing to do. I wish I could get to more but I am trying to balance my life with how I feel NOW. I just don’t want to be on the computer that much.

I have a little spiritual routine I check off every day. I read my devotional, do my prayer beads, and meditate. I found an OA call where they meditate all together and I love that. I also have the app “Calm” on my phone.

I am a terrible at meditating. I think about everything but God or the meaning of life. Yesterday, I was thinking about clothes and dog food. I need to try to focus a bit more!

I have gotten on an OA call every day so far this month. The calls are very motivating. I report in to my sponsor every night about my day.

I exercised twice so far this month. Big deal. I am really lazy about even thinking about exercise because I am losing weight without it. However, I know this is the wrong attitude.

I’ve gotten together with five friends so far this month. I love my friends. They keep me together. They don’t care if I am fat or depressed.

My bipolar group has met twice this month and I have been there both times. Out of the 15 or so people there, I probably feel the best. I want to “give back” by being an example of recovery, but it does get depressing. I just don’t know how I should handle that whole thing.

I guess that’s about it. If my life seems sort of dull…well, it is. But I will take dull over some other alternatives.



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