Why You Absolutely Must Love Yourself

Originally posted on Soul of Therapy :

When you cannot love yourself, not much else in your life will really matter.

The accomplishments won’t matter. The perfect body or the perfect car or perfect house won’t really matter, either. You may be on the proverbial hamster wheel towards success, doing what you are supposed to be doing, going through the motions of an adjusted and functional life, but without the component of self-love, a chronic hollowness and emptiness will prevail.

Most likely, you will attempt to fill this hollowness with whatever substituting forms of validation and security you can find, whether it be in another person, the throes of an encompassing addiction, or the materialistic chase for a bigger and better life. It may even take on the more subtle forms of constantly trying to “make yourself over,” whether it be with a person, job, appearance, location, or life passion. We will do whatever we can to reduce this void…

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