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First off, thanks very much to the six people (plus me) who sent self portraits of different types, they’re now up on the self portrait project. There are (fingers crossed) more on the way. Want the password? Shoot me a mail via my contact form so that you can send me your mugshot self portrait. You can do whatever you want, however you want and as many as you want. Enough self esteem to believe in your own creativity is not required; let rip and I’ll do the believing for you. You do not have to use your real live actual face (I didn’t).

Alright, it’s linktime.

Here is a serious song about bipolar, by somebody called Hollie Sue. I’ve never found Leonard Cohen depressing, but this one made me lose the will to live. *dramatic hand to pale and wan forehead*

Here is the catchiest, rhymingest, bubblegummiest, stupid bunch of shitty stereotyped stigma you’ve ever heard. I shit thee not, children, I shit thee not. Miss Bipolar? Well improve ya blogdamned aim ffs.

And now here is a diss by Charles Hamilton, who is indeed bipolar, but what a load of bollocks the headline is: Charles Hamilton’s bipolar heroin-induced Jcole diss. There isn’t even any copy under the damn title. His own explanation is after the first track and he does sound rather disconnected. Judge for yourself.


I don’t think bipolar is anything to be proud of. Bipolar disorder is an illness. You didn’t ask for it; you can’t control it; you just got it. It’s like saying “brown eyes pride.” You’re proud of your genetics? If you say so. Not to mention the fact that there is no such this as “other illness” pride. When was the last time you hear of “cancer pride?” Bipolar Pride – do we need it?

What is mental health? What is mental disorder?
Side effects of bipolar disorder medication index
The young adult’s video guide to facing bipolar
Mental health issues are disabilities too. It’s time to treat them that way.

Sonnen doesn’t mind talking about his bipolar disorder because he wants to educate people. “It lets people know even a monk can have mental health problems.” Brother Sylvester Sonnen

Depression awareness on the red carpet (Jared Padalecki, Supernatural)

Modern nuclear disasters: biggest risk is mental, not physical illness.
Diagnosis of psychiatric disorders not as important as outcomes.
Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder: Differences and Overlaps
Breakthrough Depression Study Shows 42% Remission Rate With EnLyte
Genes Linked to Abnormal Brain Waves in Schizophrenia, Psychotic Bipolar Disorder

In an experiment that had people with bipolar disorder playing roulette, brain scans revealed that the ‘reward centers’ of their brains were activated more than those of people without the psychiatric disorder formerly known as manic depression. Bipolar disorder: brain scans show excitable pleasure response

50 million suffer from mental disorders in India.
Mice without specific brain chemical develop characteristics similar to bipolar disorder, shows study.

Charleston: Do You Have Bipolar Disorder? (MUSC). We offer compensation for your time and effort. You may be eligible to participate in confidential research studies being conducted at MUSC if you have BIPOLAR DISORDER and SMOKE CIGARETTES. Please call Helena at 843-792-0572 for more information.

Sasstafarian, did you write that ad? If only I was in Charleston, I’d have replied thus: Ohai Helena, YES I want teh monehs for being BIPOLAR and also SMOKING LIKE A CHIMNEY.

This dude wants to raise half a million of your American dollars to help his brother deal with bipolar and can’t be arsed to write more than a few lines about it. Send it this way instead, kids. It’ll turn into five million of my South African Rands and I will deal with bipolar by lying in a hammock in Tahiti. BRB going to piss myself laughing.
Mental illness not a ‘ticking time bomb’
Simple Pleasures (does what it says on the tin)
Well fuck you, Marc Fitch: What Happens When Mentally Ill People Have Children?
When depression reinforces the myth that you’re unlovable.
Kitt showed up in my Google alerts *waves*
Bipolar ii is not diet bipolar

Bipolar disorder is exhausting. It’s frustrating. It’s scary as hell. It’s embarrassing. It’s overwhelming.
My story isn’t over: What a new tattoo says about bipolar disorder. (semicolon project, very cool piece)


(tw suicide)

Banned Execution Drug Being Used to Euthanize Disabled Patients in Belgium


I hate seeing these kinds of stories on my feed, but the dead should be honoured – and we are the people who truly understand.

Cynthia Nyflot: Woman found dead in Red River had written book about her mental illness.

This time last year we were in the midst of a waking nightmare. Our middle child was vanishing into the world of mental illnesses. Through the Looking Glass

Each time my son was allowed to go untreated for long periods of time, he sustained further brain damage. This illness left him trapped in a body ravaged by irreversible damage from untreated bipolar disorder. Sadly, he was allowed to reach the crisis stage one time too many. His third attempt at suicide was successful. Son’s suicide preventable with right treatment, help.

Kathryn Laudadio might be doing cartwheels in her heels if she knew the fate of the designer shoes she left behind after losing a battle with anorexia and bipolar disorder nearly two years ago, her mother said. Family donates shoes to fight eating disorders.

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