Diet Update and Thoughts on the Future

Originally posted on Helle's Little Secrets :

This week has seemed terribly long and largely uninteresting. I feel like most of the week I have spent worrying about what to do rather than actually doing anything.

Let’s start with my diet update.

So today is day 25 of trying to loose weight and it is still a big challenge.  During this time I have managed to lose almost 11 lbs but that is not enough.  My goal was to lose about 30 lbs.  I realize this is the first month of my diet but I feel like I am not making much progress.  I need to work out more, push myself and stop waiting for results to happen on their own.

I have been pigging out lately and to make up for it I have been trying to be more physically active but I think it is only enough to keep things in check and at the…

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