50 Shades of Lily


This is an idea from Kitt O’Malley…a most excellent bipolar blogger. I was so interested in Kitt’s, I asked her if I could be a copycat. She graciously agreed.

So here are fifty things you may not know about me. Some of these are “braggy”…sorry about that. Ignore those if you want.

1) I was born in Canton, Ohio.

2) Both of my boys are Eagle Scouts.

3) I belong to a United Methodist church.

4) I had melanoma and stay out of the sun.

5) I hate HGTV.

6) I love my local pro football team and follow them avidly.

7) I have a two story house but want to downsize so we don’t have stairs.

8) I drive a 2001 Tahoe.

9) I am going to Lake Tahoe for a vacation in September.

10) My favorite color is green.

11) I am a terrible singer.

12) I was on the pom line in junior high school, high school, and college.

13) I have three dogs and three cats.

14) My mother has been in hospice for two years.

15) I have lived in my current house for 18 years.

16) I am  5′ 8″ tall.

17) I am a Gemini.

18) I like Diet Pepsi in cans.

19) I hate to fly in airplanes.

20) I like police/crime/ fiction novels.

21) I am a card carrying member of Mensa. (Yes, I do have a card.)

22) I am not very tech savvy.

23) I speak passable Spanish.

24) I hate the grocery store.

25) I mainly shop online.

26) I prefer white gold over yellow gold.

27) I have a hard time getting earrings in due to shaky hands.

28) I hate clutter.

29) I don’t like to play board games or cards.

30) I don’t like trivia.

31) I don’t like to gamble.

32) I love America’s Got Talent and especially Nick Cannon.

33) I love garage sales.

34) I like different flavors of coffee.

35) I don’t like to wrap gifts…I use bags or boxes.

36) I love the ballet.

37) I want to take a European river cruise.

38) My biggest goal right now is to get my two remaining kids through college (even if I have to drag them).

39) I was an SAT National Merit Semifinalist.

40) I had a 3.93 GPA in graduate school.

41) I love Keith Urban.

42) I like to go out for breakfast.

43) I like going to happy hour for cheap food.

44) My favorite wine is Chardonnay.

45) My dad died at 57 from diabetes. (Another reason to lose weight!)

46) I like mini-golf.

47) I’d like to be better at photography.

48) My favorite dessert is cake or chocolate pie.

49) I love Christmas decorations and have a 10 foot tree every year.

50) I am just now getting in Etsy items and love them.

Hope you enjoyed these. If you have a blog, give this a try!

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