selfies & secrets



Remember I suggested we do self portraits? I’ve received one and there are a couple more on the way and I’ve decided that no matter how many or few there are in the end, I’m gonna post them under a fiendishly clever password. The only people to get the password, will be the people who did portraits – I think that’s fair, don’t you? Of course, a self portrait can be as clear or obscure as you want. For example, I don’t intend to show my face online, because you’ll all feel intimidated by how devastatingly good looking I am I don’t want to crack mirrors and cause screams and projectile vomit. I’ve done mine already, by the way. If you think about what represents you, the youness of you (ohai Doctor Seuss), it can be done using anydamnthing you like, and it can park anywhere it wants along the simple – complex spectrum. Hahaha let’s pathologise the world, blah. Send me an email via my contact page if you’re keen, send me tissues to weep into if you’re not. As long as I know who you are (so I can hand over the password), you can stay anonymous if you wanna.

Still on the subject of passwords, I’ve decided I want to password protect my more personal blog posts. Also, there will be a samurai at the door, looking fierce. I’m happy to give you the password, because I want to share my whining (you lucky, lucky people). Shoot me a mail and assuming I know who you are and that you’re someone I converse with, I’ll mail you the password. Now it sounds like I’ll post exciting things, but I won’t… it’ll be the same old blah, bitching and moaning. I used the word ‘secrets’ in the title purely for the alliteration. Haha I’m gonna die of shame if nobody wants it. Scientologists, homophobes and the anti-psychiatry brigade need not apply. Erm, even if we know each other well, I’m not gonna assume you want access to my drivel, so just ask if you do. *karate bow*

Oh my fucking blog, what a self important and pompous post this is. Sadly, at anything less than melancholic depression, those are my default settings. Brb going to let some air out.


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