End of July Wrap-Up

trifleWell, if I can’t eat much dessert, at least I can look at it!

July has been one of those months that went slow and went fast. (Probably because we had no air conditioning for a week!) Anyway, it’s time to look over my template and see how I did on my goals.

I flossed my teeth! every night but two. I’m pretty proud of this. A little make-up and some lotion and I am really starting to do a self care routine most days. I still hate showers and put them off, but I will take one when I have to. I wish this came more casually….I still don’t understand the problem.

Exercise was a disaster as usual. However, I have lost nine pounds this month, so at least I am making progress in that area. I figure when I hit a weight plateau, I’ll get more serious about exercise. It’s a shame I hate it so much, because I know it is good for depression. I need to drink more water but I am doing an okay job on this. It’s pretty hot, but I’d still rather drink some soda or tea instead of all that water.

I stayed on my food plan 19 days. (That’s why I lost 9 pounds.) I can definitely improve that in August.

I only cancelled events 5 days in July! That’s a huge improvement. The only problem here was that I cancelled twice on the same person. I need to make it up to her. I have been having some headaches relating to Abilify. And the heat doesn’t help. I’m taking “cancelling” off of the template. I’m not worried about it anymore.

I hit 1000 followers on the blog, so I’ve quit counting. It was a pretty exciting business on the day we hit that many. Pretty fun.

I’ve been meditating for 10 minutes a day. Meh. I think I must be doing it wrong. I’ve been filling out a couple of apps daily…”grid diary”…which is sort of a gratitude thing and my food log. I really attribute a chunk of my weight loss to this food log. There are a million out there, but this one is called “MyNetDiary”. It keeps me to 1200 calories.

My goal with the blog is to either put up a post or read 7 other blogs per day. I’ve stayed on this fairly well. I really love reading other blogs. It’s just so hard to get around to everyone. That is the one negative about having so many quality followers and commenters. Getting to their blogs and then to some new ones is almost impossible.

One of my newer goals was to say something affectionate to my husband every day. I am always fairly nice to him, but I wanted to do something specific. This has been harder than I thought. I usually wind up thanking him for something he has done for our kids or for me. I need to keep working on this.

I’ve been reading my devotional every day.

Some of you will remember I joined Overeater’s Anonymous. I have made a phone meeting every day since I started. That’s 15 days. I also credit this with some of the 9 pounds.

Weekly stuff: I went to quilting once and to Jenny Craig three times for a weigh-in. I only got to church once. I could seriously improve that. I do like church. They make me feel welcome. I saw TEN friends this month socially. I think it was so high because I traveled a lot in June and was too busy. But I am fairly caught up with friends…just a few more I need to see. I did check my friend list three times to help me remember everyone.

I went to my bipolar group once, my women’s group three times, and saw my therapist and psychiatrist once each. I got a massage and did something individually with each of the kids.

WHEW! On to August….

Cooking and showering are just habits now. They’re off.

I’ve got a few new template headings for this next month. One is called “night”. This includes flossing, filling out grid diary, and sending my OA sponsor my day’s wrap-up.

Another column heading is “OA phone meeting” and another is “OA service”. (OA service means you call others in OA to encourage them or you help on the phone meetings by volunteering to talk or whatever.)

I am leaving the column heading “food plan” and “weight”. I’d sure love to see another 8 pounds come off in August. Just 2 small pounds a week.

I’ve combined one column into “spiritual stuff”. I’m going to take 45 minutes a day and do my devotional, meditate, and pray.

I still am leaving that “affection” column. I need to learn be nicer to my husband, especially since we are both home a lot of the day.

As much as I hate to do it, I am reducing my blog reading to five a day. I find keeping up with writing new posts is taking a lot of time (even though I love it!).

WEEKLY STUFF: Things I would like to do once a week include: quilting class, Jenny Craig weigh-in, church, see a friend, check my friend list, and attend my bipolar and women’s group. If you need info on my friend list and how it works, check here.

I’m doing a weird thing with exercise. I’ve just set up a section for check marks. My goals is twelve check marks a month. I won’t do that it August, but hope to move toward it.

Once in August, I need to see my therapist (NO psychiatrist!) and get a massage. I also need to see each child individually. This isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Shopping, movies, tea, eating out…are all good. I need to keep my eye out for other things they would like.

So there is July and August. Thanks for indulging me and reading this. Not exactly fascinating…but definitely part of recovery.

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