Fifty Facts


Accepting a challenge from my friend Joel Sax at Pax Nortana – fifty things you may not know about me:

  1. Secular Judaism was the “religion” of my immediate family.
  2. Because I couldn’t touch my toes, I was asked to leave ballet school when I was a child.
  3. My family now contains a total of five grandchildren (my daughter has three sons, Greg’s son and daughter have one child each-a son and a daughter – hmmm, I just realized the son has a daughter and the daughter has a son).
  4. I never imagined I’d live long enough to see grandchildren.
  5. How to correctly walk up and down stairs is all I can remember from Charm School.
  6. Having a bit of a socialite mother, I know (or at least used to know), the purpose of every piece of china and silverware in a place setting.
  7. I could sew with hand-stitches that looked like they came from a sewing machine by the time I was 8, thanks to my grandmother (a tailor) and my mother (a clothing designer) – both perfectionists.
  8. The only living member of my immediate family is my brother (other than myself) .
  9. I have a couple of very talented and somewhat famous cousins.
  10. People in general (doesn’t matter what you look like, how you dress, or how you speak) scare the hell out of me.
  11. Even though I’m told it’s against human nature, I would prefer to live completely alone near a library (well maybe a cat could share my space), even with no internet *gasp*
  12. My self-esteem is slightly greater than that of a squashed bug.
  13. I’m an excellent actress, you may rarely know what I’m really feeling….
  14. ….consequently, I am a chameleon, in that I’m still trying to figure out who I am so I just try to blend in with whomever is around me.
  15. When challenged, I will rise to the occasion. If you say “you can’t,” I will.
  16. Respect is at the top of my list for most-important-characteristics-in-a-person.
  17. Unconditional love was not a given, I had to learn how to accept it (I’m still learning).
  18. This one was surprising to me when I allowed it to be acknowledged – I am creative.
  19. Perfectionism bedevils me.
  20. I’m not always nice.
  21. I was a Mormon for a while to please my ex-husband.
  22. I lied just so I could get a library card, that’s how important reading is to me.
  23. I will most likely be honest, so don’t ask the question if you don’t want to hear the answer (yes, those pants do make your behind look as huge as a refrigerator). In other words, tact was something I had to be taught over thirty years ago and it’s still not one of my major talents.
  24. I feel emotions too strongly for my comfort level.
  25. Making fun of my mentally-ill self is my own coping skill. I absolutely do not treat others the same way.
  26. And in that same vein…I am not as kind to myself nearly as much as I am to others.
  27. I could never have won Mother-of-the-Year award, but I love my daughters fiercely and unconditionally.
  28. Surviving domestic violence made me a stronger woman.
  29. Every day that I survive my mental illness makes me more empathetic.
  30. After over 40 years of driving, I still don’t know how to change a flat tire.
  31. The freezing snow in Ohio is preferable to the burning heat of Arizona, and Southern California is Eden.
  32. Trust is elusive.
  33. I learned that when growing up in Southern California, majoring in French is a waste of time, unless your future plans include marrying a wealthy landowner and living on an artichoke farm on Prince Edward Island (yes, really).
  34. Even though I was accepted with Honors at Entrance to the university, I was on Academic Probation my Sophomore year – I gave up.
  35. When I worked in a bank, I was held up by a bank robber and foiled several forgers.
  36. I used to have a Betty Crocker trophy for being outstanding in all of home economics in Junior High School.
  37. My taste in music is extremely eclectic.
  38. I have a less varied idea of what type of art I like.
  39. After being raised to be, and then expected to be, a “trophy” wife; I now live in jeans and t-shirts, am married to hick, and am a terrible housekeeper (although I can still pull off the social graces when necessary).
  40. I seem to be the only one who finds this ironic: My mother’s father was a furrier, my father’s father was a butcher, and my father was a physician. The first generation worked with dead things, the next generation attempted to heal living beings.
  41. I’m pretty sure I’m an atheist.
  42. I have a love/hate relationship with where I live.
  43. I’ve never had a major auto accident, but inanimate objects tend to get in my way when I’m parking or backing up. I’ve also only ever had two speeding tickets in my lifetime.
  44. My idea of “roughing it” is no working toilet in a camper. No outside camping, no way.
  45. I have two living daughters out of five pregnancies.
  46. Swimming in cool, clear, clean water is my idea of bliss.
  47. Although I’ve had many massages, I have never felt relaxed.
  48. My favorite color is Kelly Green (it was the obligatory black when I was a teenager).
  49. My favorite song is “Moondance,” by Van Morrison.
  50. My favorite movie is “Somewhere in Time.”

Your turn…please post your link in my comments or on Facebook. I’d love to learn 50 new things about you.

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