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(it’s the turnoff after manic depressive crescent) (scheduled post)

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And now, spotlight on…

We’re off to Australia, to get acquainted with bipolar graffiti man Keo Match. Keo fucking Match. What a legend. As well as the art, I like the way he thinks.

Despite being colour-blind and diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Keo (his signature) has worked successfully as a muralist, illustrator, creative director and animator, though he prefers the title “creative”. source

“Grey walls (…) message is that it’s ok for this space to be without expression. People do it unknowingly. But to me, if you’ve got a wall, and you’re paying somebody a huge about of money to paint that wall a single colour, you could pay an artist the same, probably less, to go something much more elaborate and much more interesting.” Interview

And he’ll have a place in my heart forever for painting a shoebill stork (yes I am that fucking nerdy). Well it was a collab actually, Keo did the skeleton half. Shoebills, I fucking love shoebills.

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Threw up a quick fish just off Hunter Street. You’ll throw up when you see just how cool the quick fish is.
website (a rather forlorn and sparse sort of a place)
video on vimeo

Any obstacle can be overcome with good design, innovative thinking and an eye for detail. Keo Match

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