bipolar: Illustrating manic depression

Say hi to Adi Aguilar from the Philippines, he’s an illustrator and he’s illustrated the thing that changed our lives forever – bi-fucking-polar. He’s done it bloody well too, in my fake-humble opinion. I went through the images quite a few times; the first time felt like a checklist – the image titles will show you what I mean. Yes, mhm, yup, yeah… The man whose twitter profile says “fond of bipolar disorder” (weeeird), has the following to say about his Bipolar series.

Many people might think it’s just a simple mood swing but to those who have Bipolar Disorder, it’s a roller coaster ride to heaven and hell. This illustration book is a tribute to all bipolar people and even to those who struggle from depression and mood swings. We might not have a better knowledge about this disorder but I hope we are willing to widen our care and understanding not just to those who are bipolar, but to different people as well.

Click to view slideshow.

I feel anonymously honoured by his tribute.

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