Mid-July Round Up


I can’t believe it is mid-July. Wait! I can. It is hotter than hell here. We are still waiting on the coil from Memphis.

So I wanted to report on my progress on my template. There have been a lot of changes in my goals. Some I have fallen face down on and some are hopeful. Some goals are embarrassing and others are exciting.

I’ve been struggling so much with my weight I am really frustrated. The Jenny Craig is helping me to hold my own but I am not losing. I am just SO hungry. I know it is my meds but I hate to change any of them. I am feeling okay and able to cope and that is a big step for me.

I got a call yesterday from my bipolar support group leader. They were worried about me as I hadn’t been there in a few weeks. I think I will go back. I honestly feel like I owe them an hour per week. When I was at the very bottom, they helped me get up. I should be there to do the same for others.

I believe I am definitely living in recovery now. This doesn’t mean things are perfect by any means. But they are coming along.

Okay, so here we go from the template. Before I start, I need to remind everyone that I traveled a great deal the first part of July. Eating well was tough.

Cooking, dinner, getting out of the house, and showering are pretty second nature now. I struggle occasionally with showering but not in a huge way. I took these off the template.

I only exercised twice during the first half of this month. But I HAVE been thinking about it.

Here’s the embarrassing part: When I was down sick on the couch, I stopped flossing my teeth. I was lucky to get them brushed. So I added flossing to my goals. I just added it and have flossed 5 days out of 5. Just having it on the template makes me do it.

I have been drinking about 3/4 of the recommended water. I have stayed on my Jenny Craig food plan 6 days out of 15. This is better than last month. I am getting better at ordering correctly in restaurants. But I still like my glass of wine. I need to skip that.

I have only cancelled 3 days out of 15. This is a HUGE improvement. I may just leave this on the template in August and then get rid of it.

I have 995 followers and want to get to 1000. I should do this in July and then take it off the template. 1000 followers is plenty. I think the blog is successful at this point.

I have gained two pounds the first half of this month. So I need to lose 6 in the next two weeks to hit my goal of 1 per week lost. I do attribute the two pounds to travel and eating out. We are home most of July and August and I can do well.

I started listening in to Overeater’s Anonymous calls. The people are so friendly. If you don’t know, it’s like Alcoholics Anonymous…just for compulsive overeaters. It’s free and not too weird, so I figure it can’t hurt. I’m just new to the whole thing so will let you know how it goes.

I started doing a ten minute meditation every day. I get these off of YouTube. It’s okay…not revolutionizing my life or anything.

I’ve been filling in a couple of apps daily. One is called “grid diary”. It’s sort of a gratitude thing. The other is a food log.

I’ve tried to either read 7 blogs a day or do a posting.

I’ve been reading my devotional every day. Really doing well here.

I haven’t been to church this month. Last Sunday did not feel like it. Other Sunday was out of town. I’ve seen six friends socially this month. Also hosted a 60th birthday party for my husband. We had 20 people. It was at a restaurant so I did no work.

I’ve checked my friend list twice. I’ve been to women’s support group once and taken the boys out alone for an activity. My daughter and I are going to see Magic Mike (ick!) tomorrow. I have appointments for my pdoc and therapist.

The biggest news is my new hobby. Quilting. I haven’t even started but found a place that teaches a beginner class. First, I need to remember how to use my sewing machine. There is supposedly a nice lady who helps you do that.

I don’t know why I picked quilting. I do like quilts and find them useful. But they look like a lot of work. However, I need a hobby. Other than exercise, I’m about filled up with other things.

I’m trying to live a fulfilled life while disabled, but I know I am missing something. Maybe I will find it.

Thanks to all reading. I love you guys.


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