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“A glance at the comments threads on any of these works reflects how much they’ve helped readers who relate feel less alone. But also, by choosing the traditionally “light” medium of comics, the authors make the dark themes more accessible to outsiders. An inherent reality of any mental illness, including addiction, is that “normies” just don’t ever seem to get it—which of course makes the sufferer feel even worse. So it’s gratifying to see the thoughts and feelings you couldn’t begin to articulate illustrated in a way that makes you say YES YES THIS. So much this. This is what I have been trying to say to you.”
How Can Comics Help The World Understand Mental Illness?

I, the curator of all things bipolar, have carefully selected for you, o best beloved readers, a collection of cartoons and comics. The word curator is there to let you know that they’re all my own subjective choices rather than a comprehensive directory. They’re not traditionally funny, they’re things to identify with and things to file as gallows humour.


Mental Status Examination: Depression and Mania Illustrated and by the same artist, Classification of Delusions.
Beth Evans (I love her toons)
Depression Parkour. (you know this one well). Check out the video playlist too…

Never Say it’ll All be OK – Julia Scheele (an awareness style toon about her partner’s diagnosis)

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Webcomics & Graphic Novels

Look Straight Ahead (Canadian. Available as webcomic and hard copy.) Here’s the documentary about the author’s battle with mental illness…

Marbles: Ellen Forney (my favourite graphic novel about bipolar and probably yours too)

Psychiatric Tales – Daryl Cunningham
Depression Comix (the navigation is a pain in the ass, click the numbered images twice)
MS Paint Adventures (my review)

Hyperbole and a Half: Adventures in Depression – part 1 & part 2. (you know it, you love it, I do too). But wait, there’s more…

Bipolar Dragon (The layout is like a children’s illustrated storybook. Sadly unfinished, but beautiful.)

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And just because it’s lovely…

50 toons

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