It’s Hot!


It’s hot at my house today.

This all started on the day we left for vacation last week. My husband noticed the downstairs was a lot warmer than the upstairs. He held his hand up to the vent and pronounced “the air is broken”. This was not totally unexpected news.

Our house is 18 years old. We live in a very hot climate. Air conditioners don’t usually “live” 18 years in our neck of the woods. But our old ones have been trundling along.

We have one for upstairs and another unit for downstairs. Since the bottom one went out, the top one has been carrying the load. Oh, boy!

My husband had the foresight to purchase a home warranty policy. They are supposed to fix your appliances, etc. if they break down. This is a good idea in theory, but I knew it wasn’t going to be simple. My husband has been living in fear of these units going out…they are about $7000 apiece.

So anyway, we are headed out of town and my husband calls the home warranty place and the repairman. My daughter is luckily at home to let him in. He takes a couple looks at the things and announces “your freon is leaking and the coil is bad”.

Now leaking freon is not a big deal other than the fact that the government hates our kind of freon and has kicked it up to $70 per pound because it is the old kind. (New type freon is $10 a pound). The problem is this nasty coil.

A coil repair is supposedly around $3000. So we are glad we have the warranty. We are pumped because how hard can it be to get a coil and replace it? I’m glad you asked.

Our unit is so old that they do not make coils for it anymore. Hence, our company embarks on a nationwide search for this coil. We are now three days into no air conditioning in our downstairs. Fortunately, we are still on vacation and only my daughter and the pets are suffering.

It’s only 84 in the hot downstairs and the dogs are doing fine with fans and ice water. The cats stay upstairs anyway. But the whole place is just hot.

Eureka! They found a coil in Memphis. (Doesn’t that sound like a book or song?….They found a coil in Memphis…..) But Memphis is a ways off and it takes time and money to ship a coil. The home warranty place is currently deciding if it will pay to have the coil expedited or not. So it could be something like Saturday before the coil is in and we are cool again. And that’s assuming that the coil fixes the problem.

So I am hot. And please don’t tell me to go to the mall.

I was brave today. I went to my women’s support group and then to a meeting with my Jenny Craig consultant. I am still not losing weight at my goal of one measly pound per week. My weight is getting out of hand. In my defense, we have been doing a lot of traveling and eating out. And last night I had a 60th birthday dinner for my husband.

My Jenny Craig person was really nice about it. Of course, I guess she is paid to be. She says she’d like to see progress next week. Boy, me too.

A good friend of mine from when I was teaching sent me a text today. I can honestly say this person is one of the best teachers I’ve known. She is single with two kids and really depends on the income. She told me she is thinking of quitting as the paperwork, principal, and stress are squeezing the joy out of teaching. This is EXACTLY how I felt right before I went out on disability. So I felt a little vindicated. I was feeling that same stress, only in bipolar mode. I’m getting together with her to talk on Wednesday.

Tomorrow I am having a low calorie breakfast with my young bipolar friend I sort of mentor. She’s doing a little better with money but still struggles. She has doctor bills and credit card bills. Her parents help her out with a place to live but they are trying to get her to stand on her own feet, money wise. She has a good job, and although she is manic as hell, she seems to be holding her own.

So my husband is getting a movie from Redbox for tonight and I plan on drinking lots of ice water, having the fan right on me, and maybe taking a sleeping pill.

It’s hot.

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