mental health blog award

Tessa can do it did it (thankies). I’d like to accept this award on behalf of all the goblins who work tirelessly behind the scenes of my blog. Without ever complaining, they shovel coal to keep the widgets running smoothly, they hold the header image up, empty the ashtrays, fake the hit count and iron their own tiny uniforms. Gotta love goblins.

Even I can’t be churlish enough to subvert this one. Anyway, I’ve run out of churls.

Chk chk BOOM, without further rambling nonsense ado, I give you… The Rules!


Place this award somewhere on your website.
*moves a china carthorse, a whimsical statuette of a milkmaid, three dead moths and a cobweb, blows the dust away and carefully places the award on the mantlepiece* And by that I mean, *looks balefully at the geocities style award image and trudges off to cobble together  a new one*

Nominate five bloggers who promote Mental Health awareness to receive this award.
It’s an honour just being able to nominate them. This also marks a new era of nominatory policy around here. Continuing my tradition of reviewing anything that stands still long enough, I’m going to start explaining my nominations and describing my nominees in a little more detail.

Give reasons for your nominations.


And the theme is… Bloggers with the word ‘bipolar’ in their usernames. In no particular order:

Bipolar Barbie-Q, whose blog never sleeps. You’ll find solid fact, honest writing and lines like this one… I realized something while my mind was hosting a tea party with its mind teddy bears … and posts like this one.

Bipolar Brainiac, whose about page is a force 10 rush through her own resume and how to tackle bipolar. She not only blogs her own process and progress, she also engages with news and views of bipolar.

Bipolar Whispers has a warm blog that wants to help you. Have a look at her three part being a mom with mental illness, for example, which is honest, interesting and insightful.

Pieces of Bipolar was one of my first followers and she’s a fellow Saffer (*airpunch*). She’s ruthlessly honest about journalling her own bipolar. For an example of brutal honesty, read this.

Brighton Bipolar  blogs about bipolar, fights stigma and writes about her own issues too. She’s also an abuse survivor. Aaaand she received this very award recently, but idc, she’s having it again.

Ask not what mental health can do for you, ask what you can do for mental health.

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