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A Grassroots Angel


Mexico: “Fifteen miles past the city limits of Juarez, an insane asylum serves as the last stop for a group of indigent and mentally ill people. It’s called Vision en Accion, or Vision in Action, and it sits like a citadel in a filthy desert dotted with dumps and junkyards, in an area haunted by years of violence from the drug cartel wars that claimed more than 11,000 lives.”

“”Let me tell you something about the bipolar people,” Galvan offers, switching back and forth between English and Spanish. “The bipolar people are artistas. Their painting are hermosas [beautiful]. They paint landscapes, flowers, the sun, the trees. The schizophrenic people, no. They paint demons, skulls, assesinatos [murderers].” The autistic people just paint stripes, he says.”

Article: At An Asylum In Juarez, ‘We Believe In Hope’
Transcript of NPR programme. 

Are you kidding me?!

“She’s not a mindless, brainless zombie so a lot of my research was focused more at people who have extreme mood changes and bipolar disorder. She goes from this extremely happy loving girlfriend to an angry, livid monster. I had to do some real research on that which I felt rang more true for the character.”
Ashley Greene ‘researched bipolar disorder’ to prepare for zombie role (Burying the Ex)
I’m renaming her. Asshole Green.


And our word for today is BOYCOTT.


Eagles bassist Randy Meisner put under court-mandated supervision after allegedly threatening murder-suicide.
The search into the death of beloved 80’s film star Amanda Peterson has revealed a troubled past. The “Can’t Buy Me Love” actress, who was found dead Sunday at age 43, was arrested several times in her hometown of Greeley, Colorado over the past two decades.
Paul Gascoigne Reveals Terrifying Extent Of Psychosis Caused By Cocaine: ‘I Thought Wine Gums Were Staring At Me.

Hey baby

“While postpartum bipolar disorder isn’t as common as the other PMAD’s, I wouldn’t classify it as “obscure”. Even if postpartum bipolar disorder was an obscure condition, we all have issues close to our hearts, and this one is mine.
I know I’m not the only one who has suffered with PPBD, but I feel that way. I was diagnosed in 2007 and now I’m reaching out in the hopes I can connect with others who understand life with this type of mood disorder.”
My PMAD (Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder) Gets No Respect! Part One and logically enough, Part Two!

Scotland: Birth of hope for postnatal depression.
More mental health provision needed for mothers during pregnancy and after birth.
Australia: Mothers with postnatal mental illness need all the help we can give them.



My bipolar bag of sunshine.
Anger: part of bipolar or not? (tl;dr nah, but bipolar can make it worse)
New Zealand: suicide rate a national tragedy.

The staff had put up a Christmas tree in the 5B ward and there were these decorations on it, and all I thought about was cutting my wrists with them,” Ms O’Callaghan said. “I went to one nurse and told her what I was thinking, and she told me to discharge myself and to (kill myself) elsewhere. She told me, ‘we are only here to help the people who want help’.” Ireland: woman tells of hell on earth in Limerick psychiatric unit.

All you need is love?
Bipolar Depression And Unipolar Depression: What’s The Difference?
Caring for Carers – support Reveal’s new campaign.
UK: Children’s mental health must be cared for. Or the consequences will be dire.

Untreated Mental Illness: A Matter of Life and Death.
The mentally ill have never had it easy
Prevalence of mental disorders in the USA.
NSFW Being bipolar improved my sex life.

Today’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders lists nine criteria for panic attacks. Madison routinely experienced seven: palpitations, trembling, choking, chest pain, abdominal distress, fainting and the fear of going crazy. (He admitted to one early biographer that the attacks “suspended his intellectual functions,” a description that has disappeared from most histories.) Honor our (USA) flawed founding fathers

Ireland: New eLearning video on lithium.
UK: A young man found drowned in the Thames  had suffered from substance-induced psychosis after smoking cannabis heavily.


For me, it became a very hopeful idea. I’ve struggled a lot with mental illness and bipolar disorder. It was like a little tyrant inside my head that was telling me things like I could never be a good father. So my therapist said, ‘Why don’t you change the narrative of how your bipolar disorder works and think about it another way?’ I came up with this idea that I would stop trying to be a ‘good’ parent who’s only authoritative and responsible, and I was going to play to my strengths of being silly and funny. I called him Crazy Dad. My daughter loved it, and I loved it, and it allowed us to connect. Q&A: Author Eric Wilson on how to create an authentic identity in an increasingly fake world.

Katherine M. Chin Shares HOW TO MANAGE MENTAL ILLNESS in New Book.
Bipolar author on a mission (Melva Freeman)
What Happened, Miss Simone? Recap & Cheat Sheet.
Brian Wilson‘s Story Serves As Powerful Message For People With Mental Health Issues.
India: Amy Movie Review: they’re talking about the documentary and the last line of the review made me LOL hard.

Subtitles are provided for those of us who speak English but do not understand that incomprehensible British accent!”

I’m still LOLing. (Fair point though, and since I’m  English by birth, I’m entitled to say it, regional accents can be impenetrable.)
Director claims Amy Winehouse had ‘mental illness and brain damage’. 
RIP Amy, you are still loved.

Funny but sad


The 63-year-old with the grandmotherly mien and the white bob haircut will subsequently be escorted onto a plane to Chicago, where she will be arrested, incarcerated, and released multiple times following a predictable spate of incursions upon that city’s airports. And so will continue a bewildering, years-long odyssey for Hartman, who has made a perplexing habit of pinballing around the country in search of something that she herself cannot quite articulate.

The woman who smuggled herself.

Prior to Hartman, the last stowaway to amuse the nation by sneaking onto a plane was Charles McKinley. He was the New York savant who, in 2003, mailed himself to his parents’ Dallas-area home. He was busted when, inexplicably, he emerged from the crate in the presence of a deliveryman.


Of All U.S. Police Shootings, One-Quarter Reportedly Involve The Mentally Ill

DISTRAUGHT PEOPLE, DEADLY RESULTS Officers often lack the training to approach the mentally unstable, experts say. Details of all shootings

Fact: Based on studies of mass shooters, about half of the shooters suffered from serious mental illness. But the most common form of violence associated with mental illness is self-harm; more than ten percent of people diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar die by suicide. It’s time to talk about fear and love.


Props to the media for pushing the matter so hard.


Before bipolar, is there a prodrome?
7 Steps to Prevent and Manage Violence in Bipolar Patients. (Slideshow.)
New research into bipolar and cognitive impairment.
Boys more likely than girls to receive anti-psychotic drugs.
Study: Antidepressants Can Worsen Rapid Cycling In Bipolar Depression
The Fascinating Relationship Between Bipolar Disorder and Weight
UK: Straight-A schoolchildren at higher risk of bipolar disorder, research claims.
Seeking Better Ways to Treat the Lows of Bipolar Disorder. Researchers work to understand the difference between bipolar disorder and regular depression.
India: New insights into brain functioning.

Well this is irritating

New Zealand: 10 reasons you could lose your temper: 1) You have bipolar disorder
Extreme mood swings can indicate mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder. Often patients will seek help when they are depressed, but not when their mood is manic. Fuckwit.

Afrique du Sud!


I’m going to add a South African section to this regular linkdump (when there are links to add), since it’s where I am. And I’m going to bug you every single time to follow our lived experiences, and if you have any connection to my country, no matter how tenuous, please submit a story there. Please? (rg I’m looking at you bro)
July 2015 is Mental Illness Awareness Month (or psychiatric disability month, depending on where you’re reading about it. Here is some more info.

“Chambers says South Africa doesn’t have resources to meet the demand for mental healthcare. “Our call centre is incredibly busy with people who need treatment. But there aren’t enough hospitals, doctors or clinics. Not every community clinic has a psychiatrist or a psychologist.”” It’s a nightmare when mental health medicine runs out. (There’s one psychiatrist per +300k people in SA and 80% of the population receives no mental health treatment. Eighty perfuckingcent!!!)

Not disclosing your mental health status to insurers may compromise future claims – expert
Cape Town: – Half of all mental health cases in the Western Cape are related to substance abuse, the provincial Health Department has said.

Thrive Magazine – general mental health, published quarterly.

Adcock Ingram Pharmaceuticals, is launching a dedicated depression and anxiety helpline (0800 70 80 90) which offers free telephonic counselling and referrals for callers to psychologists, psychiatrists, GPs, hospitals, clinics, support groups, counselling centres and other NGOs, nationwide. “Stigma is still a major problem in South African society. Many people don’t know where to go or who to speak to for help – people fear they will be judged or discriminated against, or that others will think they are weak. By educating the population about mental illness, we can create more awareness and encourage more people to seek treatment,” says Sadag’s Cassey Chambers. (Ja it’s the same Chambers as before, but this is a very different article.)

Help Wanted

Canada: Research Participants Needed for Bipolar Disorder Study ($$) (Bipolar1 – depression – Toronto)
UK: Participants wanted for survey on bipolar disorder. (UK only)
Are you interested in making a video for Project UROK? Awesome. Project UROK is a global conversation about teen mental health, and your voice is huge part of that!

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